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Golden October Boosts HUSTers Homecoming

Date: December 22, 2015


In golden October, more than 2000 alumni from 19 schools and departments gathered in HUST to attend the homecoming activities hosted by the Alumni Association Office.

Wandering along avenues, stepping up Yujia Mountain, visiting the Museum of HUST History and the teaching buildings and dormitories, the alumni in special T-shirts highlighted the campus in autumn.

Some HUST executives, current deans of the schools and former teachers were also invited to join in the activity as well. The Alumni Association of HUST presented the alumni with customized T-shirts with signs of “My HUST, My Home”, souvenir badges and the magazine HUSTers. At the South Gate, a wall with the theme “My HUST, My Home” was also put up. Volunteers were arranged to provide services such as taking photos for alumni, guiding and explaining.

Forums, class meetings, lab-visiting and tree-planting were held for the alumni. As the fourth alumni homecoming,the activity closely tied up alumni with HUST and their schools or departments, facilitated the communication and enhanced alumni’s sense of belonging to HUST.



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