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Highlights of the 39th Games of CUC

Date: May 23, 2019

7:30, Thursday May 16

In the early hours of morning, there were people with enthusiasm filing in from every direction and soon enough, the campus sports stadium was crowded with the CUC students and faculty members, all expecting the grand opening of the sports feast.

The 39th Game of CUC was held in such a pleasant summer’s day. Not only as the first game for the majority of CUC students to attend, but as well as the first since the reconstruction of the south sports ground, the 39th Game is of far-reaching significance in the university's history.


49 teams assemble and get ready for the game


Chairman of the University Council Chen Wenshen, President Liao Xiangzhong, Vice Chairman of the University Council Jiang Xufan, Wang Dapin, Vice President Liu Shouxun, Zhang Shuting, Assistant President Wang Zhi, attended the opening ceremony. 

Vice Chairman of the University Council Jiang Xufan presided over the opening ceremony on behalf of the school, and President Liao Xiangzhong delivered an uplifting speech in which he expressed his visions for the game, that it should not only act as an exciting sports event, but also an opportunity for the university to develop new vitality and gather the momentum for reforms and actions taken. 


President Liao Xiangzhong delivers the opening speech


On the announcement of the official start of the game, the national flag escort team, the red flag team and the referee team led the way and walked passed the podium with confidence radiating from head to toes, who were then followed by 21 square teams of student representatives and 28 that of faculties entering the stadium.


The national flag escort team leads the way


ICUC division of labor representatives walk passed the podium


A number of Impressive performances took place at the opening ceremony, as 400 students combining their youth with the beauty of traditional culture through Tai Chi Fan, and 300 teachers carrying along vigor with them through broadcast gymnastics.


400 students' square team perform Tai Chi Fan



300 teachers' square team preform broadcast gymnastics


After the opening ceremony performance, intense and splendid events started, all of which offered wonderful visual and emotional experience to all the people in the stadium.


11:30, Thursday May 16

The very second when Tuvshinjargal Nergui got hold of the baton that her teammate just passed on to her, she rushed foward without hesitation, fast as a bullet aiming direct at the finish line.


 Tuvshinjargal Nergui in the relay race


Tuvshinjargal is a post-graduate student from School of Film and Cinematic Arts who takes great passion in sports. Her major back in Mongolia used to be sports journalism and the job she did was also related to sports.

With previous experiences of taking part in national games back in Mongolia, even though little has she prepared and it has been long time since she last attended any race, she still performed outstandingly and ranked first in Thursday morning’s 4*400 mixed relay race.



Tuvshinjargal is far ahead of her fellow competitors


Tuvshinjargal participated in one individual race, the female 800-meter in which she got the second place, and four relay races in total throughout the two days.


Tuvshinjargal wins the second place in female 800-meter race


When asked about difference when racing alone and with others, she thought the latter was much more exhilarating and she was lucky to have a bunch of brilliant teammates supporting each other. She also thought highly of how the game was organized, praising that everyone has done an earnest job in every aspect.


Tuvshinjargal's friend congratulates her after the race


10:00Friday May 17

John Collins from ICUC faculty was stretching to warm up. He has come from the UK and is a teacher of post-graduates, responsible for teaching broadcast journalism and training video and television reporters. He was looking forward to doing his best in the 400-meter race.


John Collins in the male 400-meter race


However, just as he was crossing the finishing line, he fell over and got himself hurt. Eventually he got the second place in his group. Volunteers from the medical team arrived in time and dealt with the wound in a professional way.



John getting assistance from the medical team after he fell down


15:00 ,Friday May 17

John showed up on the track again with his injury covered. He decided to go back to the game and gave his best shot in the 1500-meter race. “You can either be known as the man who fell over, or you can be known as the man who came back. I’d rather be the man who came back, he said while expressing his enthusiasm. The injured solider showed us the true spirit of never giving up and always going after excellence.


John keeps running with his injured leg


"I feel very pleased to take part, I obviously would like to have finished in a higher position, but it was lovely to have so many of my students coming to support me." There is no doubt that John made a really good example for his students and the rest of us.



John finishes his 1500-meter race successfully


Not only did John love the feeling of running as an athlete, he also enjoyed watching the games as audience. “The sports meeting is very well-organized and there is a chance for everybody to get involved. There’s an opportunity for the very good athletes here at CUC to race, but also the opportunity for faculties to race, and the opportunity for anybody who wants to take part. It’s very inclusive.”


John and his students who came to support him


In addition to the extraordinary performance presented by individual events, fun sports projects like “the tornado”, “the streetcar”and “jiao long chu hai” have drawn waves of applause. Members of a team have to work in close collaboration in order to win fun sports projects. Not only did the team members found joy when participating, they also got deeper understanding of teamwork after matches.


It requires full corporation among teammates to get to an ideal state  


While athletes, including 1814 students and 1742 faculty and staff members, were immersed in the wonderful atmosphere of racing, audience took great joy in the games as well.


Audience cheer for their team


Apart from the athletes striving on track and field, there were some people making sure the game proceeds in good order.

Referees rendered verdicts professionally and fairly based on rules and disciplines while volunteers helped prepare the field and guided athletes to take their places. Broadcasters narrated the games in real time and passionately broadcast contributions from the audience to cheer up the athletes. In addition, the game was aired live on the internet by the outdoor broadcasting team of CUCTV. Well trained staffers from CUC’s Etiquette Association assisted in presenting awards and medals to winners. It was the close cooperation across departments of the university that led to the great success of the whole event.



 Staff and volunteers from all departments escort the game with joint efforts


There were two records broken in the 39th Game, one is the 2012 female 3000-meter record broken by Ma Yuwei from School of Journalism, and the other is the 1981 female long jump record broken by Wu Yilan from School of Computer Science and Cyberspace Security. The two girls were awarded at the closing ceremony, so were school representatives who successively came onto the stage for best group, sportsmanship, and organizing awards.


Record-breakers and school representatives being awarded at the closing ceremony


16:30, Friday May 17

After Vice Chairman of the University Council Jiang Xufan gave the closing speech and Vice Chairman Wang Dapin announced the full success of all races and projects, the 39th Game of CUC, in an atmosphere of harmony and warmth drew to an end.


 Jiang Xufan, Vice Chairman of the University Council delivers the closing speech


The heat of the summer was pale in comparison to the great enthusiasm of all the participants and audience. The game has witnessed records being renewed, limits being pushed, and the spirit of teamwork being motivated. Furthermore, it inspired everyone to pitch in and make a difference in their own way.



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