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Husters Won the Golden Prize of IGEM

Date: December 22, 2015


From September 22nd to 28th, 2015-International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition,iGEM was held in MIT,Boston US.

iGEM HUST-China, a science and technology innovation team made of undergraduates in School of Life Science and Engineering stood out among 280 teams from famous universities all over the world and won this year’s golden prize of iGEM. The team’s project was also nominated as the best environment project along with other  four teams from Cornell University, University of British Columbia, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology & Rice University(4/33) and the best new basic part with teams from Oxford University, University of California .Los Angeles,  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology & Rice University and Tianjin University(5/280).

To embrace this year’s competition, School of Life Science & Engineering, HUST deployed a 10-people team heading for US to take part in the competition with the innovation project-Euk.cement under the guidence of Professor Ning Kang and Ph.D Zhan Yi. This year’s participation project was put forward by students themselves with the cooperation of different students in various departments and grades. The project has also attracted the active participation of students majoring in architectural environment design and computer science. With the guidance of Professor Yan Yunjun and Kang Ning and Ms. Ge Xi and Mr.Zhan Yi in the student work group, the team proved the project for many times, designed and finished many molecule biology and microbiology experiments, constructed the mathematical model and finally handed in the complete synthetic biological part to the organizing committee of the competition. They also designed exquisite project webpage, videos & academic posters and made a wonderful live presentation.

In the awarding ceremony held in September 29th, the organizing committee particularly played the participation video delicately made by the team, showcasing HUSTers’ profile in the international stage competed by students in universities from all over the world.

iGEM HUST-China was established in 2010. In 2013 and 2014, the team respectively won the silver prize in the Asian area and the global silver prize. After the unswerving efforts of generations of teammates , the team has finally won the golden prize and nomination of single prize. The competition was funded by undergraduate international competition special foundation of the School of Life science and Engineering and also gained the great support of overseas exchange project of Academic Affairs Office, HUST and innovation team project of Qiming College.

Originating in 2005, iGEM is a top international science & technology event in synthetic biology for college students with the aim of deciphering the operating mechanism of natural biological system and utilizing synthetic biology to create fresh new biological systems.



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