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International Confucianism Forum 2018 Held at Renmin University China

Date: November 6, 2018

From 2nd – 4th November the International Confucianism Forum 2018 was held at Renmin University China (RUC), jointly organized by RUC and the Korean Higher Education Consortium (KHEC). The theme of the forum was “Confucian Thought from the Perspective of International Academia” and was attended by over 120 scholars from Korea, Japan, the US, UK and other regions.



President LIU Wei of RUC, and Deputy-President DU Peng; Minister of Affairs PARK of KHEC; Director ZHANG Liwen of the RUC Confucian Research Institute (CRI); Roger T. AMES, guest Lecturer at Peking University (PKU) amongst others spoke at the opening of the Forum. President LIU and Minister PARK signed an agreement of cooperation before the opening of the Forum.



In his address, Professor AMES spoke of the significance of Confucian thought as a shared global resource and of the importance of making Confucian thought available to an international audience.



Director ZHANG made a keynote speech entitled “Confucian Studies and the East Asian Shared Destiny” covering topics such as globalization, and the information age, ecology, culture morality and spirituality in a wide-reaching talk.



Vice-Dean of the Philosophy Department at RUC and Head-Secretary of CRI at RUC Professor LUO Anxian chaired the opening panel.



101 papers were presented in the forum that lasted three days, in total, and was comprised of 20 different panels. In closing comments at the end of the forum, the attending scholars summed up the importance of future development in Confucian thought and expressed their hopes and encouragement for the younger generation of scholars in this field.




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