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Job Fair Targeting Female College Graduate Students Held

Date: March 31, 2017


The Job Fair targeting female college graduate students and sponsored by Government Departments involved with woman’s welfare and human resources, was held at the gymnasium at the Peiyang Park Campus at Tianjin University recently. Over 1,000 positions from 196 enterprises were available for the candidates.



Zhong Denghua, the President of Tianjin University, together with the Vice president, Feng Yaqing, met with the Job Fair delegates led by Dai Yun, the head of the Tianjin Women’s Federation and vice-minister of the Tianjin Working Committee on Children and Women. Zhong Denghua said: “Tianjin University attaches great importance to students’ employment, especially that of female students. Tianjin University is committed to helping students get better jobs by improving talent cultivation systems and job-seeking services.” He extended his sincere gratitude to the relevant Government Departments for their concern for the graduates. Dai Yun said: “Female graduates will face greater pressure against the backdrop of a difficult employment situation. Giving women easier access to job opportunities is beneficial for social development. We hope this kind of Job Fair can provide women with better job opportunities.”




They talked with the representatives from employers and job-seekers at the Job Fair. A variety of careers including communication, internet, new material, medicine, manufacturing, education and real estate were on offer, covering nearly all the majors at Tianjin University. Almost every candidate could find a major-related job.

Tianjin University has been giving priority to women's employment in recent years. Job-seeking assistance is given each year covering training on self-recognition, career planning and personal image, programs for boosting woman’s employment resilience, etc. The Job Fair targeting female graduates has been held annually since 2015. The Fair fell on the Girl’s Day during which Tianjin University offered classes as a gift for female graduates to help them get better jobs.



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