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Kite, Go Faster and Higher: Xmu Successfully Holds 5th Kite Festival

Date: December 25, 2017

On December 17, the 5th Kite Festival of Xiamen University was successfully held at the No.1 track field on XMU Xiang’an Campus, including a series of activities such as online knowledge quiz on traditional Chinese culture of kites, on-the-spot kite knowledge quiz, kite designing contest, and kite flying competition etc.


At 9:00 in the morning, the Kite Festival officially started. XMU Sports Dance Association and the Model Airplane team opened the festival with a fantastic performance. The Fuzhou kite team put on a stunt kite show at the main venue, manipulating giant kites to dance flexibly and perform high level difficult movements, winning rounds and rounds of cheers from the audience. For most people, however, to pull the strings of these huge kites would be a tricky task.


Following the stunt show, the kite flying competition formally kicked off. The team members competed to the best of their abilities to fly their kites the fastest and highest in the sky over the arena. Over 70 teams signed up for the kite festival and some of them won prizes for their performances par excellence in the competition. In the kite designing contest, the Best Design Awards, DIY Innovative Awards, and Outstanding Design Awards were given according to the online and on-the-site voting.


When the kite flying game was in full swing at the main venue, the parent-child interaction zone was also buzzing with activity and excitement. The host provided free blank kites and pigments, with which many children busied themselves designing and painting the kites on the scene with their parents. At the same time, there were many other games going on which drew a lot of active participation and brought loads of fun and laughter such as kite knowledge quiz, “you draw I guess”, and hoop throwing game etc.


The kite festival is aimed at enriching the students’ campus life and enhancing their cooperation and exchanges among themselves. Meanwhile, this festival has provided a wonderful platform for students from varied colleges to bring out the best in them and display their vim and vigor, which has played a positive role in advancing the cultural construction in Xiang'an Campus.



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