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Leading Members of RUC Staff Visit Classrooms for the First Day of the New Term

Date: February 19, 2019

On 18th February, the first day of the new school term, RUC’s Party Secretary JIN Nuo, President LIU Wei, Executive vice-President WANG Liming, vice-President ZHU Xinkai paid visits to graduate and post-graduate classes, to oversee teaching and get to know what is going on in the classroom.

JIN Nuo and WANG Liming visited the Mingde Building to audit post-graduate classes, specifically a class in statistics held for MA students. They engaged in conversation with students and the teacher giving the class and in addition brought the best wishes for the Chinese New Year to all present. After visiting the MA classroom, JIN Nuo and WANG Liming went on to visit post-graduate classrooms at the Schools of Finance, History, Economics, Environmental Studies and the Research Centre for Statistics and Big Data, taking the opportunity at each place to find out about the courses offered in the new term for post-graduate students.



LIU Wei and ZHU Xinkai visited the First Teaching Building, where they audited mathematics classes for graduate students. LIU Wei stopped a while in the teaching building to find out about what courses were offered, about the teaching and support staff, as well as what plans are in place to strengthen teaching and management in the future. At the Second Teaching Building LIU Wei and ZHU Xinkai visited graduate level classes in English and Chemistry amongst others and spoke with the teaching staff there. LIU Wei in particular asked after what might be done to improve the teaching environment and teaching equipment.



Members of staff from the campus offices, the post-graduate and other such management units of campus staff also accompanied the visits to classrooms. The first day of term began smoothly, thanks to the preparations of each school and department, and all was in good order in both graduate and post-graduate classrooms.



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