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Meet Experts of Diagnostic Evaluation of SMU Undergraduate Teaching Held

Date: May 30, 2018

SMU News, May 15 This morning, Meet Experts of Diagnostic Evaluation of SMU Undergraduate Teaching was held on the Wuhou campus. Present at the meeting were the university leadership Chen Dayun, Zeng Ming, Jike Yuelin, Ding Keyi, En Jia, Zhang Mingshan and related faculty members of relevant departments, teaching units and teaching auxiliaries.

SMU secretary of the Party committee Chen Dayun, on behalf of teachers and students of all ethnic groups, extended a warm welcome and expressed sincere thanks to the coming of experts. He pointed out that the diagnostic evaluation acted as an important part of the whole work of evaluation and has exerted a significant influence on SMU accepting the final evaluation. The university welcomed all precious advice from experts without any hesitation, according to requirements of the evaluation stipulated by the Ministry of Education, based on the university’s reality, thus promoting SMU’s improvement and development of undergraduate teaching and accepting the final evaluation of undergraduate teaching in a better condition.

The representative of the team of evaluation experts noted, major tasks of this evaluation was first to give appraisal comments and suggestions from the perspective of the evaluation experts on the basis of the pondering, observing and learning, according to the criteria and connotation of “6+1” evaluation projects, 24 evaluating factors and 64 evaluating points of the undergraduate teaching evaluating indices system. Second, they would systematically rehearse and check the university’s preparedness of the evaluation of undergraduate teaching work as well as segments that SMU needs to improve, thus laying a sound foundation of the final evaluation. To this end, all members of the expert group will adhere to the spirit of “One Insistence, Two Highlights and Three Enhancements” in accordance with the evaluation criteria and based on facts and data. The university will steer its efforts toward solving problems according to its work report, adopt various measures to make a comprehensive survey and find out problems, thus helping the university better make conclusions and reflection, urging the university to focus on the improvement of education quality, and playing a positive role in the process of the formal evaluation and promotion of the undergraduate teaching work.

President Zeng delivered a speech entitled “Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Strive to Build A High-Level University with Characteristics”, which introduced to the expert group of the university’s history, achievements of its development and its talent cultivation model and development scenario. He pointed out that SMU will continue to pursue the general objective of building a high-level university with characteristics and stick to the principle of serving the ethnic minority, minority areas and national development strategy. The university will further improve the quality of personnel training, enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, improve the level and effectiveness of education, and strive to make greater contributions to the national and social development and the development of ethnic minorities and ethnic areas.

It is said that in the three-day diagnostic assessment, the expert group will visit the relevant teaching units and functional departments, interview with the university leadership and heads of the functional department, hold teacher-student symposiums, and conduct a comprehensive assessment of the teaching work by consulting papers, graduation thesis, and class archives. 








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