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Minister of Education Visits ECNU

Date: March 25, 2019

Chen Baosheng, Minister of Education, paid an inspection visit to ECNU on March 22, accompanied by top university leaders including University Council Chairman Tong Shijun and President Qian Xuhong.



The minister made his first stop at the National Training Center for Secondary School Principals situated near the Liwa River. After being briefed on the center's operation and research on developing vocational education textbooks, he met with members of the 10th Advanced Study Class for National Distinguished Secondary School Principals, encouraging them to study hard and become a prominent principal and educator as soon as possible.



Impressed by the round-the-clock reading room at the ECNU Publishing Press, Chen highly appreciated the cultural service ECNU provides for its teachers and students as well as the neighborhood.



At the Science Building, Chen was updated about the achievements the Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, and School of Data Science and Engineering have made in addressing the major needs of the national economic and social development.



During a following trip to the State Key Lab of Precision Spectroscopy, the minister was given a report on the progress of the research project Tansfinite Manufacturing by Prof. Chen Ya, head of the School of Physics and Materials Science. Prof. Wu Jian, director of the lab, gave an account of the lab's development and reform.



While staying at the Institutes for National Educational Policy Research, Chen listened carefully to reports made by Tong Shijun about the leap of development in ECNU and Qian Xuhong about the university's contribution to the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Zone as well as its new blueprint for future development.



In his speech, Tong said as a key national university along the east coast, ECNU is research university with a unique superiority in talent cultivation, a comprehensive university rendering professional support for the development of students' physical and mental health, and an international university with a glorious patriotic tradition. He talked about ECNU's ambition to become a world-class university by mid-century and vision to make greater contributions to building China into a powerful nation of education. He highlighted the achievements made by the Institutes for National Educational Policy Research in undertaking national key projects, research tasks and special surveys. He also gave a live demonstration of the national education sciences decision-making service system, which aims to offer intellectual support for the modernization of education policy making.



Qian's speech, themed Serving the National Strategy of the Yangtze River Economic Zone and Providing 'ECNU Solution' for National Economic and Social Development as well as Education Reform and Innovation, centered on ECNU's efforts to construct a support system for the economic development of the region with the mouth of the Yangtze River as the core and spanning across estuaries and coasts and the Yangtze River basin.



Qian explained in details the university's approach to implement the national Double First-Class”university project and elaborated on the three tasks of educating people, promoting civilization and boosting development set by the university's 13th Party Congress as well as the five action plans of education plus, ecology plus, health plus, smart plus and international plus. He stressed it is ECNU's aspiration to provide a solution for happiness of the whole society.

Before wrapping up his visit, the minister put forward demands for ECNU's future development.

Chen was also accompanied on inspection tour by officials from the Education Ministry and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and a number of ECNU teachers and students.



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