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Musical Exchange Activity Jointly Held by CUC, NTU

Date: April 13, 2019

CUC-NTU China-UK musical exchange activity jointly held on Monday. The activity organized by CUC and Nottingham Trent University took place in the lecture hall of advertising museum. The theme of the exchange activity was “To build the bridge of friendship with music”. The NTU’s choir of 20 visited our school and gave a wonderful performance. Chen Wenshen, chairman of University Council, Jiang Xufan, vice chairman of University Council, and Wang Zhi, assistant president, attended the activity.

The exchange activity was carried out through chorus performance brought by the choir of Nottingham Trent University who has won multiple awards in international competitions, together with the vigorous choir of ICUC. Members of the NTU choir, all dressed in black uniforms, started with a melodic song called “How Deep is Your Love”, followed by their affectionately performed songs including “The Dance” and “Rule the World”. The audience, immersed in the melodious vocal music, warmly applauded the guests coming all the way from UK.

The activity came to an end in the song “Blue and White Porcelain” which was sang in two languages by students of the ICUC choir. Accompanied on piano and guzheng, the song sufficiently showed the characteristic of Chinese traditional culture, and ICUC students’ fascinating performance and positive spiritual features also infected each and every one present. The chorus performances given by both schools have fully unfolded the charm of cross-cultural communication to all teachers and students.

Our school and Nottingham Trent University have maintained a long-term relation of cooperation and friendship since the program of cooperative schools. As a unit undertaking the responsibility of international education and teaching, ICUC has cultivated a large number of outstanding international media talents. This year marks the 65th foundation anniversary of CUC, and great importance has been attached to the construction of campus culture and international exchange and cooperation. The musical exchange activity has not only added bright color to campus culture, but more importantly enhanced the friendship and communication between the two universities. ICUC will continue to take the cooperative school program as the platform to enrich the content of teaching, scientific research and cultural construction in school with diversified international projects and campus activities.



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