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Nanjing University, Grinnell College Sign 7th 5-Year Pact

Date: May 26, 2017

The ceremony of the 30th anniversary of the cooperation between Nanjing University and Grinnell College and the signing of the new five-year agreement was held on Xianlin Campus in the afternoon of May 26.    

President of Nanjing University Chen Jun met with President of Grinnell College Raynard Kington and his delegation, and the two sides signed the seventh five-year cooperation agreement.    

Also present at the ceremony were President Assistant Pu Lijie and the representatives of the university’s Division of Human Resources, Institute for International Students and Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges.    


In recalling the 30-year history of cooperation, President Chen Jun said he was very pleased to meet with the delegation of Grinnell College on the occasion of the 115th anniversary of Nanjing University.   

By now Nanjing University has sent more than 40 teachers to Grinnell College for exchange, and not only has the relationship between the two schools been strengthened, but these teachers also have already become the mainstay for the development of Nanjing University, said Chen. 

Chen also briefed the guests on the university’s achievement in talent cultivation.    

Nanjing University is committed to joining the government’s efforts to “develop more first-class universities and first-class disciplines,” and it hopes that Grinnell College will share its teaching and talent cultivation experiences and thus deepen the cooperation between two sides, said Chen.   

President Raynard Kington expressed his appreciation of Nanjing University’s consistent attachment of great importance to the education of undergraduates. He also congratulated Nanjing University on its achievements in the teaching reforms.    

He also spoke of the successful experience of Grinnell College in the cultivation of undergraduates.   

Grinnell College always adheres to the principle of building a learning-based university, he said, and the core is to cultivate students and make them into world citizens with broad vision, extensive knowledge and critical thinking skills.    

What’s more, President Raynard Kington briefed on the current situation of Grinnell College and its programs for interdisciplinary cultivation.    

The two sides exchanged details on their cultivation programs.   

The two sides should keep in close contact and further promote exchanges among teachers and students of the two universities, said President Kington.   

After the discussion, the two sides signed the seventh five-year cooperation agreement and exchanged souvenirs.   


Signing (by She Zhijun)   


  Exchanging souvenirs (by She Zhijun)   


Grinnell College established its cooperation relationship with Nanjing University in 1987.    

The purpose of President Kington’s visit this time was to sign the seventh five-year cooperation agreement with Nanjing University.    

In addition to sharing experiences in undergraduate education and promoting faculty and student exchange, the new agreement also includes sending Grinnell teachers to Nanjing University for seminars on pedagogy and sponsoring Nanjing University’s students in summer programs at Grinnell College.   



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