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National Grand Theatre Choir was Invited to Perform at Beijing Normal University

Date: November 14, 2018

On November 12th, the Beijing Normal University Aesthetic Education Center invited the National Grand Theater Choir to present an inspiring performance for the Beijing Normal University's aesthetic education performance season. The event was jointly organized by the School Aesthetic Education Center, the School of Art and Media, the Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee, and the Youth League Committee. The National Centre for the Performing Arts Choir is the resident choir of the National Performing Arts Center of China. It performs concert with the world-renowned orchestras, conductors and directors all the year round.


Speech by Hu Zhifeng, Director of the Center for Aesthetic Education and Dean of the School of Art and Media


The performance was specially tailored for the students of BNU. The selection of the tracks was very diverse. The whole performance is divided into four parts: singing the motherland, classic folk songs, campus minors, and pop music. There were grand and magnificent sounds of the grandeur provoke shocks, and the melody of the soulful singing cherishes the years and the lively campus songs.



The show was approaching the end, and the audience invited the choir to sing one more song with warm applause. The choir sang the return track "Me and My Motherland" while walking down the stage. The audience was moved by the atmosphere of the scene and they sang together with the choir. The audience expressed their heartfelt attachment and sincere singing to the great motherland.




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