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Nihon University Professors Visit CUC

Date: November 19, 2018

CUC President Liao Xiangzhong last Wednesday met Kanetaka Masao and MaumoMeiko, professors of the Faculty of Arts, Nihon University. The two professors communicated with teachers and students of Communication University of China (CUC) about the development of Japanese television commercials and the current situation of Japanese dances.



President Liao Xiangzhong (R) holds a conversation with Kanetaka Masao (center) and Maumo Meiko(L) over the further relationship between two sides 


President Liao Xiangzhong welcomed the two professors’ visit to CUC and pointed out that CUC cherished the deep friendship with the faculty of Arts, Nihon University. Speaking on the occasion, President Liao also expressed his gratitude to the visitng professors for giving academic lectures at CUC and hoped that both sides will work forward for further cooperation and partnership.

Professors Kanetaka Masao and MaumoMeiko appreciated President Liao’s attendance. Carrying a mission of enhancing the relationship between two sides, they valued the opportunity of giving lectures at CUC. The exchange activity of professors lecturing mutually between Nihon University and CUC has been carried out since 1987. Another mission of this visit is to extend greetings to CUC on behalf of Noda Yoshihito, the former minister of the Faculty of Arts and Minister Kimura Masashi.

The friendship between CUC and the Faculty of Arts, Nihon University began in 1986 when two sides signed the Memorandum of cultural exchange and cooperation. According to the statistics, more than 200 people of various kinds have visited to each other in the past three decades. So far, more than 60 teachers in CUC have given lectures at Nihon University.



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