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Nobel Prize Winner Samuel Chao Chung Ting Visited Southeast University and Dialogued with Students from Chien-shiung Wu College

Date: July 3, 2019


On June 27, the delegation of Nobel Prize winner Professor Samuel Chao Chung Ting, Honorary Dean of Chien-shiung Wu College visited Southeast University and exchanged views with students from Chien-shiung Wu College. Zhang Guangjun, President of Southeast University and Dean of Chien-shiung Wu College, met with the delegation; in addition, over 100 people including Managing Vice President Wang Baoping, principals of relevant departments, teacher and student representatives from Chien-shiung Wu College attended the meeting.



During the talks, in response to the students' active questions, Samuel Ting answered a series of questions, e.g. “The Beauty of Physics”, “Exploration of the Universe” and how to manage the team of scientists and the growth of life, etc.. In recalling the deep friendship with Ms. Chien-shiung Wu, a distinguished alumna of Southeast University, Samuel Ting expressed his great reverence and appreciation for her precise and cautious scientific attitude. He said: “Ms. Chien-shiung is my elder. She arrived at U. S. at approximately the same time as my parents. She conducted a lot of experiments, several experiments of which were to prove the previous experiments carried out by others were wrong. She was very careful and strict; therefore, I have established a good relationship with her”. In the end, Samuel Ting eagerly encouraged students from Chien-shiung Wu College to do the most important thing as they believe and not feel regretful when old since we all only have one life after all. Others’ suggestions would not be the most important and we should take responsibility for ourselves.



Before meeting with the students, Zhang Guangjun, etc. met with the delegation of Samuel Ting and accompanied him to visit AMS data analysis laboratory of Southeast University. Samuel Ting expressed his gratitude to Southeast University for its great contributions to AMS experiment and introduced the latest development and related cooperation regarding AMS experiment. Zhang Guangjun expressed his welcome and gratitude to Samuel Ting for his visit and congratulated on the important progress achieved by AMS experiment. He expressed that Southeast University would continue to actively participate in the AMS experiment and provide further support in big data processing and analysis, etc.

Samuel Ting is an internationally renowned physicist. In recent years, he is even famous both at home and abroad for his leadership in exploring the anti-matter by the “Alafa Magnetic Spectrometer” experiment. Samuel Ting has a deep friendship with Southeast University and once visited and lectured here for many times.



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