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Opening Ceremony for 2019 Postgraduates of Southeast University

Date: September 11, 2019


On the morning of September 6, the Opening Ceremony for 2019 Postgraduates of Southeast University was convened at the Gymnasium of Jiulonghu Campus. School leaders including Zuo Wei, Zhang Guangjun, Zheng Jiamao, Ren Lijian, Ding Hui, Huang Dawei, Jin Baosheng, Liu Pan, responsible comrades of the departments concerned, the teacher’s representative, the student’s representative on campus and the fresh postgraduates attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Jin Baosheng, Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the National Flag Guard of Southeast University entered the stadium followingthe national anthem. The five-star red flag slowly rose, which officially kicked off the opening ceremony for 2019 postgraduates.


President Zhang Guangjun addressed the ceremony.


At the ceremony, President Zhang Guangjun delivered a speech titled “To undertake the mission with efforts and to lead the future with innovation”. In his speech, he expressed his congratulations and welcome to 2019 postgraduates on behalf of the school. He pointed out that a university should consider academy, diversity and excellence as its eternal pursuit, the cultivation of various elites as its eternal theme, leading national development, promoting human progress in science and technology innovation, and advancement in social civilization as its sacred mission. In the new era, the foundation of colleges and universities lies in its morality establishment and talent cultivation. Only the universities that can cultivate top-notch talents may become the world-class universities. Zhang Guangjun quoted the speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement. The youth should be the most energetic and vigorous force in the entire society. The hope of the country and the future of the nation will lie in the youth. Secretary Xi pointed out that the age ranging from 25 to 35 should be deemed as the period of the most creativity and passion in life. Many scientists and famous scholars achieved their success through their discovery and spirit of infinite exploration that have been cultivated during their postgraduate studies. He said that in this new era, there’s never been a time as today when the CPC party and the state demand for higher education so urgently, and desire for scientific knowledge and outstanding talents so intensively. Meanwhile, Secretary Xi also put forward higher requirements on socialism constructors and successors highlighting overall development, morally, intellectually, physically and artistically. To this end, President Zhang put forward the same questions as those raised for the undergraduate students at the opening ceremony. He also expected that the fresh postgraduates could seriously think and always keep in mind: what kind of person do you want to be? what’s your value proposition? how could you embrace the new era and strive in the new era with youth? As he said, everyone is full of unlimited potentials, should set great goals and fight for realizing these goals. Everyone’s dream will come true. The school is committed to cultivating talents and expects that all the students will become the leading talents with patriotism and international field of vision, who can lead the future and benefit the mankind. To this end, he also shared with the students the following four connotations of leading talents: first of all, to have the patriotism that could nourish the country; secondly, to share and expand the international field of vision; thirdly, to lead the future with innovation; and fourthly, to strive for the benefit of mankind.

In the end, Zhang Guangjun emphasized that the mission of the new era would require the generations of young people to make unremitting efforts. He believed that all the students would have a brilliant future in return. He expected all the students to consciously establish and practice the core values of socialism, integrate ourselves into the journey of making contributions to the motherland and the people, and become the pioneers and contributors standing at the forefront of the times. Therefore, we can serve the people and lead the development with our true talents, contribute to the country and benefit the mankind with innovation and creativity, and compose the brilliant chapter of pursing our dreams in the new era and striving in the new journey.


Vice President Jin Baosheng presided over the opening ceremony.


Prof. Liu Jiaping, the teacher’s representative from the School of Materials Science and Engineering delivered a speech at the ceremony.


Prof. Liu Jiaping from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D. tutor, the distinguished professor of “Cheung Kong Scholars” granted by the Ministry of Education and the winner of National Excellent Youth Science Fund, delivered a speech as the teacher’s representative. He summarized his experience of individual study, scientific researches and postgraduate guidance. He encouraged the fresh postgraduates to undertake the heavy mission of the era, cultivate the spirit of innovation, cope with the relationship between knowledge and innovation, increase the ability of innovation, cultivate the tenacity and improve the quality of innovation.


Student Du Cong, the student’s representative on campus from the School of Economics and Management delivered a speech


Student Lu Shuaihua, the fresh postgraduate representative from the School of Physics delivered a speech.


Student Zheng Minli, the international students’ representative delivered a speech.


Ph.D. Du Cong, the student’s representative on campus enrolled in 2017 from the School of Economics and Management, Lu Shuaihua, the fresh postgraduate representative from the School of Physics, Zheng Minli from Indonesia, as the international students’ representative delivered the speech respectively at the ceremony.

The opening ceremony was successfully concluded in “Southeast University’s School Anthem”.

It is reported that the enrollment of 2019 postgraduates exceeded 5,000 in quantity for the first time, reaching 5117 with an increase of 12% Ph.D. candidates, when compared with that last year, reaching 1220, who will register in spring and autumn respectively. The opening ceremony is also broadcast live to fresh postgraduates simultaneously at several parallel sessions convened at Sipailou Campus and Dingjiaqiao Campus.



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