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Opening Ceremony for Grade 2019 Freshmen in Beijing Normal University

Date: September 2, 2019

On the morning of September 2, the opening ceremony of the 2019 freshmen in Beijing Campus of Beijing Normal University was held in the East Sports Ground. Party Secretary Cheng Jianping, Principal Dong Qi, Vice-Principals Hao Fanghua, Zhang Kai, Zhou Zuoyu, Chen Li, and Vice-Secretary Li Xiaobing attended the ceremony. Heads of schools, departments and related functional departments, lead teachers and counselors of freshmen, and all freshmen and some parents of Freshmen in grade 2019 attended the ceremony.










Dong Qi made a speech on the topic of "Be the BNUer who shoulders the mission of the times bravely". On behalf of all the teachers and students, he welcomed and congratulated the freshmen of Grade 2019 in Beijing Campus. Dong Qi said that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. During the centuries of struggle and 70 years of construction for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Beijing Normal University has always shared the breath and the destiny of the nation and made important contributions to the innovation and development of national education, social progress and national rejuvenation. Dong Qi combines the "two hundred years" goal raised in the report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and puts forward five requirements for all freshmen around how to shoulder the mission of the times and take a good long march in the new era: learn to plan and plan as a whole, set up ambitious aspirations; learn to study and practice to promote all-round development; learn to think and explore, cultivate innovation ability; learn to cooperate and share, achieve mutual benefit and win-win; learn to adjust and balance, maintain physical and mental health. As the 117th anniversary of Beijing Normal University and the 35th Teacher's Day are approaching, Dong Qi urges all to strictly demand ourselves with the standard of "Four Habits" good teachers, cherish our dreams, study hard and be the master of Beijing Normal University who shoulders the mission of the times bravely.



Li Xiaobing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the school, presided over the opening ceremony



Professor Liu Jia, Department of Psychology, spoke as a teacher's representative


Professor Liu Jia, the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, the specially appointed professor of "Yangtze River Scholars" of the Ministry of Education, the leader of scientific and technological innovation of the National "Ten Thousands of People Program", the general scientific adviser of "Strongest Brain" and the doctoral adviser of the faculty of Psychology, spoke as the teacher's representative. He hoped that all the freshmen would keep in mind the social responsibility and the mission of the times that Beijing Normal University bears. Through the dissemination of good faith, the promotion of science and technology, and the promotion of culture and art, they would promote the continuous development and progress of human civilization, and take "virtue", "meritorious service" and "speech" as the goal of pursuit, and jointly inherit Beijing Normal University’s culture, continue to create the brilliance of Beijing Normal University.



Li Siyu, grade 2017 Ph.D. student of the Department of Physics, spoke as a student representative



Speech by Wang Junbo, Grade 2019 Undergraduate of School of Economics and Business Administration, as a representative of Freshmen



Lu Xinshan, Grade 2019 Master student in Faculty of Education, delivered a speech as a representative of Freshmen


Li Siyu, Grade 2017 Ph. D. student of the Department of Physics, spoke as a representative of the students. She hoped that students would cherish their time, build friendship with good teachers and schoolmates, and achieve a leap from outstanding to excellence in Beijing Normal University. Wang Junbo, an undergraduate of Grade 2019 in the School of Economics and Business Administration, spoke as a representative of the freshmen. He called on the students to shoulder their mission bravely and never forget their first intention; to strive ceaselessly and not to be slack; to clearly define the goals and not to drift with the tide. Lu Xinshan, a graduate student of Grade 2019, from the Faculty of Education, spoke as a representative of the freshmen of graduate students. She advocated that students should have the spirit of "willing to be on cold bench for ten years", the courage to "get up and go ahead" and the pursuit of "learning should be a teacher of the world, and doing should be a model of the world", contributing to the development of the country and the rise of the nation, and continuing to write the new chapters of Beijing Normal University!







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