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Pave the Way for a Successful Talent Strategy

Date: March 31, 2017

Recently, Tianjin University’s Party Secretary Li Jiajun talked about the strategy to promote talent when he attended the fifth session of China’s 12th National People’s Congress (NPC) as a deputy. He said: “Talent is the primary resource for development. The competitiveness of a city lies in the gathering of high-end talent and enabling them full play. There are many attractive policies in Tianjin to bring talented people together with the purpose of enhancing its vigor and dynamics for development. The key is how to implement these strategies to create an environment that satisfies local talent and attracts talented people from afar.”

Li said: “For example, recently the Binhai New Area has implemented various measures to introduce talent and achieve innovative development. It has also provided funding for certain projects and living subsidies for overseas high-level talent, industry leaders, and outstanding undergraduates. These are some of the favorable measures that will attract more and more talent to gather here and increase regional vitality and energy."

Li also proposed that the procedures for introducing foreign high-level talented people should also be simplified to make it more convenient for their work and life. Foreign talent also includes those who are invited to give lectures or make academic exchanges. Foreign experts should be provided with more “national treatment”. He mentioned that Tianjin University is also committed to introducing and retaining talent, and providing munificent conditions and paying much attention to them. “We have to carry out those talent polices to create a favorable atmosphere to attract talent, and so develop Tianjin University into a powerhouse for talented people to gather.”

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