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President Guo Dongming Headed a Delegation to Visit Europe

Date: December 5, 2014

During Sep 11-20, Guo Dongming, president of DUT, headed a delegation to visit Russia, Belarus and Germany. Along with him were vice president Ning Guiling and heads of International Cooperation and Exchange Department as well as Management Office of Confucius Institute in School of International Education. In Belarus, they also attended the 6thCouncil of Republic Confucius Institute in Belarus State University.

In Bauman Moscow State Technical University, they met with President Alexander, Korshunov, vice president in charge of teacing and Arkharov, vice president in charge of foreign affairs. During the meeting, they reviewed recent exchange and cooperation between two universities, discussed future cooperation fields and projects and signed protocols about student exchange programs, aiming at strengthen the bonds between two universities. After the meeting, they also visited research and teaching center of ion and plasma in Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Besides, they paid a visit to Zhao Guoxian, Minister Counsellor of embassy in Russia.

In Belarus State University, they met with the president and vice president in charge of research and attended the 6thCouncil of Republic Confucius Institute. Over the council, they discussed about the development of Confucius Institute, adopted its 2013-2014 progress report and financial report and passed its 2014-2015 working plan and financial budget. After the meeting, they also paid visit to School of Mechanics, School of Physics and School of Applied Mathematics.

Apart from that, they also visited Cui Qiming, ambassador in Belarus and Tozic, vice president of Belarus in Minsk.

In Germany, they paid a visit to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and met with Alexander Wanner, vice president of KIT. They discussed about their cooperation on mechanics, chemistry, electronics, transportations, etc. and started the program of student exchange between two universities. Afterwards, they visited Bioliq Research Center, Synchrotron Accelerator Light Source Research Institute, Engler-Bunte Research Institute, FAST Research Institute, etc.

In Europe, they also held several forums in universities to introduce Dalian University of Technology and welcomed Chinese students to work and teach in DUT after graduation.



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