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President Xu Anlong Visited French National Academy of Medicine and Institut Pasteur

Date: July 11, 2018

On July 11th, BUCM President Xu Anlong and his escorts visited French National Academy of Medicine and met its Secretary General Dr. Daniel Couturier in its meeting room. President Xu expressed his gratitude for the warm invitation and hospitable reception. He then explained that the purpose of this visit was to seek possible cooperation between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in research into such areas as the treatment of refractory diseases and metabolic diseases. BUCM is willing to cooperate with French National Academy of Medicine in formulating standardized assessment for licensing of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in France. The Secretary General said that alternative medicine now plays a role in France and the cooperation between French National Academy of Medicine and Chinese Academy of Engineering is a great pioneering case in point. He also hoped that President Xu could make an academic presentation on traditional Chinese medicine to the fellows at French National Academy of Medicine. The invitation was gladly accepted by President Xu. After the meeting, the Secretary General showed the BUCM delegation around the academy including the congress hall and the library.



 On July 12th, 2017, President Xu visited Institut Pasteur where he discussed with its President Christian Brechot about possible cooperation in joint Ph.D. programs and post-doctoral research programs. Having visited China for many times and with great interest in traditional Chinese medicine, Prof. Brechot hoped that excellent BUCM students would apply for French Ph.D. scholarships and conduct research in traditional Chinese medicine at Institut Pasteur. Then President Xu delivered an academic speech entitled “Origin and Evolution of Human Immune System”, in which he also introduced the internationalization of BUCM and latest research in life sciences from the perspective of Chinese medicine. His presentation aroused great interest in the audience who raised many questions and interacted with him with enthusiasm after the presentation.




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