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President Zheng Nanning Joins Governor Zhao Zhengyong on Visit to Xinzhu Jiaotong University

Date: September 18, 2010

From September 13 to September 18, Shaanxi Province Governor ZHAO Zhengyong, accompanied by XJTU President ZHENG Nanning, visited Xinzhu Jiaotong University to attend "Taiwan-Shaanxi Week 2010." The theme of the event was "cultural exchange, seeing relatives and visiting friends, and uniting science and technology".

On September 16, accompanied by the president of Xinzhu University Mr. WU Chongyu, Governor ZHAO and his party talked with director-general YAN Zongming of Xinzhu Science and Industry Park and the mayor of Xinzhu city XU Mingcai and visited the largest LED test center in the world at Hongqi Science and Technology Company set up by Xinzhu Jiaotong alumnus WANG Binglong. Xinzhu Jiaotong University welcomed governor ZHAO and his party with a formal reception. Accompanied by president WU Chongyu, ZHAO Zhengyong and his party visited the history exhibition of Xinzhu Jiaotong University.

During their stay in Taiwan, Governor ZHAO and President ZHENG met with a number of officials, including the president of Strait Exchange Foundation JIANG Bingkun, the honorary president of Guomindang WU Boxiong, the chairman of People First Party SONG Chuyu and the vice chairman of the Guomindang JIANG Xiaoyan and attended a series of activities. President ZHENG met with the president of Taiwan Yangming University LIANG Gengyi, the president of Taibei University HOU Chongwen, the general secretary of Guanghua foundation YIN Yanliang and the honorary president of the School of Medicine ZHANG Xinshi in Taibei and succeeded in strengthening cooperative ties between XJTU and a number of well known universities in Taiwan, as well as with the Guanghua foundation.


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