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Renmin University of China Recruits 14 Honorary Counselors

Date: June 5, 2018

On the afternoon of May 31st, the appointment of the first honorary counselors at Renmin University of China was held in the first meeting room of the main building in Mingde. JIN Nuo, secretary of the Party Committee of Renmin University of China, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. RUC Vice President HONG Dayong presided over the event. Professor JIN Ge of the Faculty of Arts, Professor CHEN Yi of the School of Information, Professor GUO Zhan of the Institute of Philosophy, Professor YE Fengmei of the School of History, Professor YI Danhui of the School of Statistics, Professor CHENG Xiaolan of the School of Agriculture and Agricultural Development, Professor XU Mengzhou of the Faculty of Law, Professor LI Baojun of the Institute of International Relations, and the Economics Professor YANG Zhi of School of Economics, Professor HONG Tao of the School of the Arts, Professor JIANG Xiangqun of the School of Social and Population Studies, Professor ZHAO Ping of the School of Business, Professor YU Suqiu of the School of Foreign Languages, and Professor ZHOU Shi of the School of Labor and Human Resources, a total of 14 professors were employed as first honorary counselors.

RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo pointed out that in reviewing the history of running the Renmin University over the past 80 years, the school adhered to educating students to be a student-centered and teacher-centered, which has ultimately aided the university in making the great strides it has today. In 2017, General Secretary XI Jinping fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of Renmin University in the congratulatory letter to the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the school, and also put forward clear requirements for the school to adhere to establishing morality education, carry forward respected traditions, and strive to build world-class universities and first-rate disciplines. The simple and weighty appointment ceremony today is a major event in the school’s ideological and political work and it is of great significance.



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