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SCUT Sets Record High in Nationwide Entrepreneurship Competition

Date: October 19, 2018


Student teams of SCUT took home two Gold Prizes and two Silver Prizes in the 4th China College Students’ “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, setting the best record in history for the university.
The final of the competition was held last weekend, when 210 student teams from across the country gathered at Xiamen University, Fujian province, to compete for national titles.
“Internet Plus” is a nationwide contest that aims to promote “mass innovation and entrepreneurship” among college students of China. This was the fourth edition of the event, attracting 2.65 million students, or 640,000 teams, to participate in.
The four prize winners of SCUT were:
[Gold Prize]
"Maixin Membrane: a highly effective membrane for separation and purification of hydrogen"
Presented by the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Student team led by Liu Ninghui, instructed by Wei Yanying and Gong Zhen
[Gold Prize]
"Qiwu Brain: a disruptive technology of vocal interaction"
Presented by the School of Software
Student team led by Wang Yi, instructed by Huang Min and Gong Zhen
[Silver Prize]
"Creating the future with concrete: a highly effective system for cyclic utilization of waste concrete"
Presented by the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation
Student team led by Zhang Tao, instructed by Gong Zhen and Wu Bo
[Silver Prize]
"Internet + measuring: an online service of three dimensional measuring for architectural purposes"
Presented by the School of Architecture
Student team led by Yang Ting, instructed by Zhang Zhimin and Fan Xia

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