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SDU Holds 4th FCPPL Workshop

Date: April 11, 2011

The 4th France-China Particle Physics Laboratory (FCPPL) Workshop was held at SDU from April 7th to 9th.

At the opening ceremony, Prof. Martino, Director of the IN2P3, and Prof. Chen, Director of the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), stated that the FCPPL has been an important cooperation platform for China and France in the field of particle physics research and has yielded great achievements since it was launched in April 2007. In addition, Vice-President Lou introduced SDU's current research on particle physics and provided basic information about particle physics and the Particle Irradiation Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education.

The academic reports presented at the workshop consisted of 14 subjects that covered major international particle physics experiments and theoretical research. The subjects included LHC-Atlas, LHC-CMS, LHC-LHCB, LHC-Alice, ILC, BES, Theoretical Physics, and Astroparticles and Cosmology. Related technologies such as particle detection and computer processing were also mentioned.

Patrick Nedellec, Director of the CNRS Office in China, and Philippe Arnaud, Science and Technology Attache at the French Embassy in China, also attended the workshop, along with roughly 140 scientists and researchers from France and China.

The FCPPL was established in 2007 when the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a cooperation agreement with the CNRS and CEA to found a joint-research laboratory in both Beijing and Paris. The project aimed to help initiate research programs and organize regular academic seminars,scholarly visits and student exchanges. It has been an important platform for academic cooperation and communication.



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