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SISU Holds Seminar to Prepare Translation Major in AI Environment

Date: June 14, 2019




School of English Studies at Shanghai International University (SISU) held a seminar to discuss the development of translation major in artificial intelligence (AI) environment on May 25 on SISU’s Hongkou campus.

Attendees discussed the effect of AI on translation major and analyzed the problems emerged. SISU’s School of English Studies showed its reforms on the curriculum and the application of technology in translation major.

SISU Professor Han Ziman and professor Li Defeng from University of Macau, both pointed out the importance of strengthening teachers’ ability of translation technology at universities.  Zhao Bi introduced SISU’s efforts to innovate the undergraduate courses of translation major.

Professor Liu Heping from Beijing Language and Culture University said that “man-machine cooperation” was one effective way for the language-service industry and the training of translation professionals to deal with the challenges brought by AI. She also pointed out that colleges and universities should emphasize on their function of serving the society, integrating practice and technology into translation teaching.

Professor Hu Kaibao from Shanghai Jiao Tong University analyzed the major opportunities and challenges faced by MTI talent cultivation in language intelligence environment. He proposed various strategies of MTI training program, curriculum setting and teacher training to establish a talent training system that meets the needs of intelligent development.

Professor Wang Jianping from Renmin University of China, believed that AI not only brought challenges to translation major, but also opened up new fields of translation studies, such as studies on machine translation, artificial mutual translation, applied translation and translation evaluation.



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