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SISU Launches “Introduction to Chinese: Grammar” on MOOC Platform Future Learn

Date: August 19, 2019



The third course of the series “Communicative Chinese for Beginners”, “Introduction to Chinese: Grammar” commenced on Aug. 19, 2019 on FutureLearn, a leading international MOOC platform. It follows the first two courses of the series, “Introduction to Chinese: Pronunciation and Tones” and “Introduction to Chinese: Conversation”, both of which have completed their first round of teaching. The grammar course is the fourth course that Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) launches on FutureLearn.

The “Communicative Chinese for Beginners” course series is designed by the faculty team led by Professor Zhang Yanli, dean of the School of Chinese Studies and Exchange, and produced by the technical team led by Professor Jin Hui, dean of the School of Education. By now, over 6,500 learners from 156 countries have participated in “Introduction to Chinese: Pronunciation and Tone” and “Introduction to Chinese: Conversation”. Among them, over 70% of the learners remain active with a course completion rate higher than average. The overall framework, content design, presentation, production creativity and quality of this course have been greatly appraised and highly recognized by relevant experts and learners.

The four-week “Introduction to Chinese: Grammar” course was officially launched on Aug. 19, 2019. As a component of the course series, this course is also aimed at elementary Chinese learners. Guided by the “learner-centered” teaching concept, it is designed to help students discover and understand basic Chinese grammar rules, as well as improve their ability to express themselves with the accurate use of Chinese grammar. Consequently, they can learn to communicate in Chinese more accurately and fluently in their daily life.

The course series “Communicative Chinese for Beginners” is a significant practice of Internet + Chinese Education, providing global learners with an opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture.



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