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SMU Holds the Teaching Staff Basketball Match in 2019

Date: March 17, 2019

SMU News, May.15 From May 7 to 14, the teaching staff basketball match, with the theme of "carrying forward the sports spirit and showing the demeanor of life", was held in Wuhou Campus. There were23 male and female teams, from all units and colleges ofSMU, to participate. After a week of fierce competition, the School of Physical Education, the School of Tourism and History and Culture won the first prize of the Men's Group, and the School of Physical Education won the first prize of the Women's Group. In 49 matches, each team has strong tactical execution, attaches importance to teamwork, and players dare to fight, being passionate, showing the unity of SUM people and the pursuit of excellence in the spiritual style.

has always attached great importance to the construction of the basketball teams and the popularization of the basketball, and formed the mechanism of SUM’sconcern, SMUsports committee support, SMU trade union’s organing, theSchool of PhysicalEducation’soperation, as well as each unit and school actively participating. Through the competition, it has inspired the tenacious struggle of the teaching staff and the enthusiasm of striving for the first place and created a positive atmosphere for SMU to implement the "three major strategies" and achieve the goals of the three stages.






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