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SMU Official Media “Min Xiaowei” Registered Trademark

Date: March 26, 2019

SMU News, Mar. 4 Recently, SMU new media platform “Min Xiaowei”, after more than one year of application procedure, has its mascot logo and Chinese characters “民小薇” reviewed and approved, successfully obtaining the trademark registration certificate issued by the National Intellectual Property Administration.

“Min Xiaowei” Studio was established in 2014, operating the new media platform including official accounts of WeChat, Weibo and QQ. “Min Xiaowei”, adhering to the principles of publicity “Wei Power, Wei SMU, Wei Life”, has constantly presented popular, heart-warming and high-quality works. Through five-year efforts, it has gotten more than 140,000 followers, winning such honors as “China’s Top 100 University Official Accounts”, “National Outstanding University Official Account” and “Top 10 Most Influential New Media among Universities in Southwest China”. As a major publicity platform of “gathering the university inside, projecting an image outside”, “Min Xiaowei” has been gaining strong brand effect.

“Min Xiaowei” mascot logo and Chinese characters “民小薇” has obtained the exclusive right to use trademark. If it is used without the permission of the right holder Southwest Minzu University, it will constitute an infringement. The successful registration of the trademark “Min Xiaowei” is of great significance for the brand promotion and cultural upgrading of the official propaganda platform to ensure the preservation and appreciation of the university’s intellectual property rights and intangible assets, and to safeguard the university’s rights and interests in external cooperation and services.



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