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SUFE Volunteers Complete Voluntary Service for the First China International Import Expo

Date: November 4, 2018

From November 5th to 10th, the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center. Two Hundred thirty five SUFE volunteers took a bus to go to the exhibition center from the campus at 4 a.m. and dedicated themselves to positions such as that of long-term management post, comprehensive management post of the Media Center, registered guest liaison post, guest security inspection and guidance post. They did not get back to SUFE until 10 p.m. in the evening when they completed their daily work.



On the afternoon of November 5th .SUFE President Jiang Chuanhai, Vice President Liu Lanjuan and Vice-Secretary Liu Wei as well Vice-Secretary Dai Bing of the Shanghai commission of the Communist Youth League greeted SUFE volunteers outside the Exhibition Center. Jiang Chuanhai and Liu Lanjuan shook hands with the volunteers and sent gifts to them and encouraged them to combine what they have learned with their volunteer work and improve themselves.




In the shuttle bus between the National Exhibition and Convention Center and Shanghai Exhibition Center, SUFE volunteers guided the guests to get on the bus and take their seats, greeted the Chinese and foreign guests, and carried out two pre-prepared Chinese and English voice broadcasts. The volunteers carefully designed a broadcasting card, the front of which was a postcard with Shanghai and CIIE elements.




At the end of the afternoon's agenda, on the footbridge, SUFE volunteers guided the guests to leave in an orderly manner, they also distributed ‘lucky’ bags. Inside these lucky bags, volunteers put in the famous White Rabbit Candy, which is a Shanghai traditional brand. Postcards decorated with famous buildings such as the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower and the Four Leaf Clover National Exhibition and Convention Center. Guests from all over the world were moved by these thoughtful gifts. A Kenyan guest took the initiative to understand the contents of the lucky bag. After he tried the White Rabbit candies, he said he really loved them and expressed sincere thanks for the excellent service and elaborate preparation provided by SUFE volunteers.





On the morning of November 9th, Xu Tao, Chairperson of the University Council, and Dai Bing, of the Shanghai commission of the Communist Youth League, visited the venue of the Expo to greet SUFE volunteers. Shen Hui, Director of General Administration and General Committee Office, Shen Yijun, Secretary of the SUFE Youth League Committee also joined the visit.



In the Media Center of the CIIE Bureau, Xu Tao, accompanied by the volunteer teachers, visited the volunteer students at the media service desk, the news release center and the media lounge and sent congratulations. Xu talked cordially with the volunteers to learn about their service contents. He strongly praised their hard work and told them to cherish the precious opportunity of the Expo, to be a conscientious person in the service process, to observe intently, learn a lot, and think diligently. Xu said the volunteers should combine their individual majors and personal growth with the development of Shanghai and the country.



234 SUFE volunteers served for CIIE, among which 40 of them served for the news center and one who worked as in a long-term management post.   

When asked what SUFE students thought of CIIE, “ Words cannot describe my gratitude of being able to experience this“trail-blazing”event in the history of international trade development. CIIE clearly shows how committed China is to promoting globalization and further world economic integration. Tensions amongst world powers might have shaken investors’ confidence in the future of world economy, but only smart players will be the ones succeeding out of it, and this is the case for China. President Xi Jinping has highlighted important measures, i.e. increaseing exports, relaxation of market access, improvements in the business environment, expansion of free trade ports, continued and improved multilateral and bilateral cooperation,” said Erika Maria Monterosso an Italian SUFE student, “Being currently enrolled in a master’s program in Shanghai, I am strongly hoping to be part of this transition upon graduation. The strengthening of bilateral trade and investment creates jobs and brings growth. I support globalization and I have always been determined to act as liaison between countries during this globalizing era.”

Le Thuy Duong a SUFE student from Vietnam said “ To be a part of the Chinese Belt and Road Express, Shanghai is honored to host the first China International Import Expo. With the participation of over 130 countries and regions, China is proactive to develop mutual benefits and win-win trade and economic cooperation amongst participants, From an international students' perspective, we do hope that the CIIE can promote our career opportunities after our graduation from one of the leading universities in China. ”



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