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SUM Signed a Cooperation Agreement with the University of Wisconsin

Date: June 27, 2019

SMU News, June. 14 On June 13, SMU signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Wisconsin, a famous American University. Professor Charles R. Iish, a life-long professor at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), co-founder of the East Asian Research Centre, Hu Wenjie, Deputy Director, Graduate Department, University of Wisconsin (Madison), USA, Ma Shanglin, President of the International Institute of Education, Professor Du Wenzhong, the Dean of the Law School and the teachers from the relevant departments attended the signing ceremony.

The Law School held the 91st issue of the Forum before the signing ceremony. The guest invited to the forum is Professor Charles R. Irish of the University of Wisconsin in the United States. The forum is chaired by Mr. Lin Qimin of the Law School and translated by Hu Wenjie. Law school students attended the forum.

Charles R. Irish believes that in the process of economic globalization, trade between countries is becoming more and more convenient, and China is playing a more and more important role in the global economy. The scope of the "Belt and Road Initiative" cooperation is constantly expanding, and the scope of cooperation is broader, which has contributed to the wisdom and strength of the world to meet challenges, create opportunities and strengthen confidence. In the tide of economic globalization, the protection of intellectual property rights has become an important role in the stage of international relations, and intellectual property rights have become the key to the cultivation of national core competitiveness and the sustained growth of the national economy.

Charles R. Iish emphasizes that the essence of economic globalization is the globalization of the knowledge economy, with the increasing of Chinese science and technology development and the protection of intellectual property, the demand of the society to the intellectual property lawyer is increasing, and he encourages the students to study acting and study the intellectual property law at home and abroad to participate in the competition of the global legal service.

Du Wenzhong, the dean of Law School, introduced the teaching and research situation of Sichuan Province as a leading province of intellectual property rights in the central and western regions of the country and the Law School of SMU as an intellectual property training base in Sichuan Province, and encouraged students to study intellectual property rights abroad and come back to serve the motherland in the future.

At the end of the Forum, SMU signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Wisconsin. The President of Ma Shanglin and the Dean of Du Wenzhong signed the agreement on behalf of the Southwest Minzu University. The two sides hope to take the opportunity of signing the agreement, to promote the communication and exchange of the students, exchange, and visits of teachers, and exchange of academic resources and academic publications within the scope of law and copyright. The signing of this cooperation agreement, through more than a year of efforts by both parties, has carried out a deep discussion and consensus on the joint development of a deep-rooted international running-up project.






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