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Scholars Delved in Discussion on Future Development of Oxygen-Enriched Combustion Technology

Date: December 22, 2015

From Oct 27th to Oct 30th, the 5th IEAGHG-International Oxyfuel Combustion Meeting, hosted by The IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG) and organized by State Key Laboratory of Coal Combustion, HUST was held in Wuhan.

Oxyfuel combustion technology is used to achieve the combustion utilization of fossil fuels by replacing combustion air with pure oxygen or oxygen enriched mixture. As an almost zero-emission low carbon clean coal combustion technology, it can not only facilitate the recycling of carbon dioxide in the smoke but also considerably decrease the emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, thus achieving the all-in-one coordinated removal of pollutants. Through various kinds of forms, the participants had heated discussion and exchange of views on the development of oxyfuel combustion technology and the core urgent issues to be resolved in its future development trend.

The meeting proceeded in the form of learning class and symposium. a visit to the Alstom boiler Co., Ltd ,Wuhan made the representatives get to know the important role China-Wuhan or even Boiler Co., Ltd ,Wuhan has played in the global clean energy strategy. In the symposium, professor Zheng Chuguang from School of Engery and Power Engineering, Dr Chris Spero, representative of Australia CS Energy Corporation, and Mr Wu Jiang, representative of Britain Carbon Capture Electric Co.,Ltd were invited to make reports on China Yingcheng 35Mth oxyfuel combustion project, Australia Callide 30Mwe oxyfuel combustion project and Britain white rose 426Mwe project respectively. 89 oral reports and 18 wall newspapers were involved in the exchange.

The meeting representatives also paid a visit to the 35MWth Oxyfuel Combustion Carbon Capture Demonstration Base, of which Professor Yang Zhaohui from School of energy and power engineering participated in the live explanation and communication. The 35 MWth oxyfuel combustion industrial demonstration project is a key link in the process of the technology’s developping into commercialized operation. In 2011, The feasibility of the demonstration project began to be researched and in June 2015, the project was established. In mid September 2015, the project has passed the operation evaluation by achieving a high carbon dioxide enrichment rate of 82.7%, higher than the 72.5 % formerly reported by Australia Callide power station. The representatives showed their great concern and approbation to the 35 MWth oxyfuel combustion industrial demonstration project.

It’s said that the meeting, as the most influential serial thematic meeting hosted by IEAGHG,attracted scholars from multiple transnational companies and research institutes. There are nearly 130 experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from 10 countries including US, Britain, Germany, French, Canada, Italy, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Korean and China. Dr Stanley Santos -IGAGHG Representative and Mr Zheng Chuguang acted as the meeting president, Prof. Liu Zhaohui the executive chairmen. Heads from Resources and Environment Division of Social Development Department of Ministry of Science and Technology, Climate Division of Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and Social Development Division of Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province attended the meeting.



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