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School of Labor and Human Resources Holds a Reunion for the Class of 2004

Date: September 28, 2018

On 22nd September the School of Labor and Human Resources at Renmin University of China (RUC) held a reunion meeting for the class of 2004. Head of department and of  department alumni YANG Weiguo invited the BA alumni from the class of 2004 back to campus to join in the conversation on how to establish the School of Labor and Public Resources (SLPR) as a world-wide top-class department.



Alumni CHE Ming, HUANG Jingsong, MENG Qingxun, SHAO Bo of the BA Human Resources Management class 1 of 2004; TAN Jieyu and ZHAO Yongzhe of the same specialism, class 2 of 2004; LIANG Yingying and others from the Labor and Social Security class and other student representatives, as well as Part Secretary and Vice-President of the SLPR TANG Li, Vice-President ZHAO Zhong, Deputy Secretary of the SLPR Party Committee WU Ziqiang and Head Secretary of SLPR Alumni SHI Wei also joined the reunion meeting.

YANG Weiguo welcomed the class of 2004 alumni back to their alma mater at the happy time of the Mid-autumn Festival and offered them the compliments of the season and very best wishes. YANG Weiguo thanked in particular the alumni for their concern and support of the SLPR. YANG Weiguo recapitulated the motto and aims of SLPR to work for the realisation of their students’ aims and to be a top-rated department. He said that he hopes to strengthen ties with SLPR alumni, so that they may work together for the greater achievements of SLPR. YANG Weiguo reminded us that 2018 is the ten year anniversary of  graduation for alumni of the class of 2004 and that the school extends a warm invitation to the alumni to come back to the school on 13th October as well, to offer their valuable thoughts and ideas for the development of the department.

The alumni participating in the reunion meeting thanked the school for the invitation to the event in October celebrating the 10th anniversary of their graduation, then began sharing memories of their studies and work experience, their personal growth in their careers and discussing their constructive ideas and suggestions for SLPR’s continued development. The alumni unanimously their expressed hope to maintain close ties with the department, to take part in the meeting in October and to put their personal achievements to good use for their alma mater and society as a whole.



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