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School's Opening Ceremony for freshmen in Grade 2016 Solemnly Held

Date: March 9, 2017

SWUN News, October 8th
The school’s opening ceremony of SWUN for freshmen in grade 2016 was solemnly held on Wu Hou campus and Hang Konggang campus respectively this morning. University leaders: Bian Jing, Zeng Ming,Ji Ke Yue Lin,Wang Yong,Wang Yongzheng, Ding Keyi, and En Jia attended the ceremony, and more than 8000 freshmen also took part in the two campuses’ ceremony. Vice president Wang Yong, Wang Yongzheng respectively presided over the two campuses' ceremony.

On behalf of SWUN, Zeng Ming,the president of SWUN, warmly welcomed the freshmen in grade 2016 in his speech to join the big family----Southwest University for Nationalities. He, with the hope of being conscious, learning and being self-confident, being persistent and self-improvement, being ambitious and cherishing time, encouraged the students to have a dream, temper forward and devote the youth for the motherland, for the people, and for the nation.

Ji Ke Yue Lin,the deputy secretary of the party committee of SWUN, read out the decision of scholarships for freshmen in grade 2016 on Hong Konggang Campus. For those students, which won the first in the college entrance examination of provinces(municipalities, autonomous regions) and applied for SWUN as the first choice, each was granted a 3000-yuan scholarship. The university leaders and guests, which attended the ceremony, issued a certificate for those students that won the freshman scholarship.

Yu Shilin,Huang Yi, Cao Jin,Yu Zhen, Li Jing,Li Ran, and Wang Yuxin made an ebullient speech at the ceremony respectively. On behalf of the teaching staff, Yu Shilin, a master tutor and a professor from the School of Political Studies, is an academic and technical leader and excellent experts with outstanding contributions in Sichuan. Huang Yi, a master tutor and a professor from the School of Political Studies, is a national pacesetter of teachers' code of morality. Graduated from the Chinese literature of SWUN in 1987, Cao Jin, a doctoral tutor, and alumni representative, is a professor from the Journalism School of Fudan University. On behalf of the students in high grade, Yu Zhen, a doctoral student, majoring in ethnology in grade 2016, is from the Institute of Southwest Minority Research. Majoring in tourism management of School of Tourism, History, and Culture, Li Jing, an undergraduate in grade 2013, is the winning team leader of the Starbucks China Youth Leadership Development Project National Championship in 2016. Li Ran, a graduate student with a major in veterinary medicine in grade 2016, is from the School of Life Science and Technology. Wang Yuxin, an undergraduate with a major in electrical engineering and automation in grade 2016, is from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

The military training mobilization meeting for freshmen in grade 2016 was also held on the opening ceremony on the Hang Konggang campus. Xie Huirong, a colonel and the director of the student military training office of Sichuan Military Region, attended. On behalf of the troops of military training, Li Zhiqiang, the student's military training group leader, made a speech and request for all students. Bian Jing, the party secretary of SWUN, presented the student's military training group with a flag, and Li Zhiqiang, the student military training group leader, received the flag. After the opening ceremony, all students in grade 2016 met with military training instructors, and the military training officially started.











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