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Senior Workshop on New Media by CACAS Begins in CUC

Date: March 29, 2019

A Senior Workshop on New Media: From Technology to Creative Work 2019 sponsored by China-ASEAN Center of Advanced Studies(CACAS)started here at CUC International Convention Center on Tuesday. Some 21 students from 10 ASEAN member countries participated in the workshop.

Yang Yujun, the dean of Academy of Media and Public Affairs hosted the opening ceremony, while Chen Dehai, the secretary-general of CACAS and Zhang Zhixin, the counselor and director of Information and Public Diplomacy of the Department of Asian Affairs delivered keynote speeches on the occasion.

The workshop will last for ten days, in which students will gain an insight into the development of China's new media and see changes in the field of China’s creative culture through lectures, visits, on-site teaching, culture-experiencing as well as discussing and sharing. This event will further strengthen the interaction in the field of communication between China and ASEAN member countries and play an active role in pushing media exchanges and cooperation between the two sides to a higher level.

This year is the "ASEAN-China Year at Media Exchanges". President Xi Jinping pointed out in the special congratulatory letter of the opening ceremony of the year that the media, as a bridge for exchanges and cooperation, can play a greater role in the development of China-ASEAN relations. The workshop will be based on the strengthening of China-ASEAN news media cooperation and will help promote the establishment of China-ASEAN community of shared future and shape China-ASEAN's good international image.

CUC is the only university in communication field among thirty universities, which is jointly accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education to provide education and training for ASEAN countries. Since its establishment, more than 150 media professionals from ASEAN member countries have benefited from it, forming an active platform for international communication and cooperation.

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