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Shang Zhixiao Inspects and Guides the Work in Summer Vacation.

Date: August 5, 2019

On August 5th, Shang Zhixiao, Secretary of the Party Committee of SDNU, went to Changqinghu Campus to inspect and guide the work in summer vacation. Vice presidents Wang Hongyu, Wang Chuankui and Wan Guangxia were also present.

Shang Zhixiao firstly visited the teachers and students who were training in the National Mathematical Modeling Contest, He then went to the new standardized examination room which is under construction, after that, he went to the scene of the heating renovation project in the southwest gate of SDNU, and then visited the construction site of Building 26 and 27 of the Student Apartments, he then listened to the report of enrollment of new students. After he listened to the opinions and suggestions of relevant departments on the spot, he expressed his sincere thanks to the teachers and students who worked hard in the summer, he also put forward the reform goals and deadlines for the problems found in the on-site inspection.







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