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Shuqing Scholarship Donor Li Guoping Visits ECNU

Date: April 8, 2019

20 March, Director of Shanghai Fucheng Company Ltd. Li Guoping and his daughter repaid a visit to ECNU for the Shuqing Scholarship award event. Li, donator of ECNU’s Shuqin Scholarship and alumnus of ECNU Department of Education, met with 17 students from 12 majors at ECNU being presented with the award.


Director of Shanghai Fucheng Company Ltd. Li Guoping.


At the event, those students reported on the conditions of their studying and living environments, consulting with Li about some of their personal struggles and life problems.  The proud ECNU alumnus answered each of the students’ questions with patience, and kindly shared his own experiences with them on when he was a student at ECNU.



Li Guoping is at the meeting with awarded students.


The students expressed their appreciation for Li by providing him with a paper-cutting representing the ECNU school flower - “Lotus”. 


Li Guoping received the school flower paper-cutting.


Group photo of the people at the meeting. 


The selection process for the Shuqin Scholarship at ECNU strictly adheres to the principles of fairness, truthfulness and openness. Students apply for this scholarship independently. The process also includes recommendations from their departments in which evaluations from expert judges are based on ideology, academic performances, public welfare activities, financial circumstances, etc.

Growing up in a poor family, Li had received financial aid from the Chinese government and ECNU. Acknowledging his mother’s hardship and ECNU’s financial support, Li set up the Shuqing scholarship in order to provide financial aid to such financially-banded students at ECNU. Shuqing is also his mother’s name.

From 2017 onward, the amount of the scholarship has increased to 500,000 in total, aiding 250 students each year with ¥2000. Up to now, more than 2000 students have received a total amount of nearly ¥4000,000. These numbers make it the most extensive out-of-school scholarship.

During this visit, Li showed his determination for continuing to increase the amount of  the Shuqing Scholarship. He also noted that this charity to help more students with economic troubles will gradually be handed over to his daughter in the future. 


Li Guoping and his daughter by the Liwa River.



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