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Southeast University Convened the 4th Overseas Young Scholars Forum

Date: May 20, 2019


On May 14, the “4th Overseas Young Scholars Forum of Southeast University” was convened at Jiulonghu Campus. Zhang Guangjun, President of Southeast University, Vice President Liu Pan, Wang Jianguo, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Binglong, Deputy Director of the Talent Department of Jiangsu Provincial CPCOrganization Committee, Guo Xinyu, Deputy Director of the Teachers Department of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, principals of various functional departments and colleges, and near 120 overseas outstanding young scholars attended the opening ceremony. Vice President Liu Pan presided over the opening ceremony.



At the opening ceremony, President Zhang Guangjun delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the school and expressed his welcome and gratitude to the leaders, experts and overseas young scholars present in the ceremony. Zhang Guangjun first introduced the long history, profound culture and development status quo of Southeast University, elaborated on the golden opportunities and missions faced by contemporary youth in the new era. He pointed out that talents shall be not only the major resources but also the strategic resources, which may represent and determine the success or failure of a “double first-class” construction and the future of a university. Southeast University, as one of national first batch of Class-A universities under “double-class” construction towards the internationally Class-A universities, has a strong desire for talents. How to build a “strong school by talents” further highlights the urgency and importance. To this end, Zhang Guangjun explained the reasons for choosing Southeast University from three aspects. First, Southeast University can provide a higher platform and stage to talents; secondly, Southeast University can provide better treatment and conditions to talents; thirdly, Nanjing can provide better environment and resources to talents. Zhang Guangjun said, “the foundation of goodness lies in teaching, and the foundation of teaching lies in the teacher.” The teacher is a sacred profession. President Zhang delivered a sincere invitation to overseas young scholars. He said that if they would continue to strive at a higher position and on a larger stage with deeper feelings to accomplish their undertaking, Southeast University will always open its arms to embrace them. We are willing to get engaged in the great cause of morality establishment, talent cultivation and rejuvenation of the country through science and education together, to jointly cultivate leading talents highlighting patriotism and international vision, who can lead the future and benefit mankind, and to jointly compose a new chapter in the history of “Chinese Dream” of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



Wang Jianguo gave a special report on the digital urban design based on interpersonal interaction, Li Binglong spoke on the development of talents and policies in Jiangsu, and Guo Xinyu spoke on the construction of a high-level talents team in colleges and universities. At the meeting, a number of outstanding overseas young scholars expressed their willingness of joiningin Southeast University, and 105 people signed an intentional agreement during the forum.

After the opening ceremony, special guests delivered reports in succession for the main forum. Sun Litao, Distinguished Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars from the School of Electronic Science and Engineering, gave a keynote speech on “Atomic Manufacturing and Application” and shared his development and feelings since he joined in Southeast University in 2008. Professor Hao Zhangcheng from the School of Information Science and Engineering delivered a keynote speech titled “Embrace Southeast University to Create Brilliance Together”, in which he shared his experience and feelings since 2011. Professor Zhang Jian from the School of Civil Engineering delivered a keynote speech titled “Scientific Researches after Return for Seven Years”, in which he shared his work experience since 2011. Professor Liu Hong from the School of Biological Sciences and Medical Engineering delivered a keynote speech titled “Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Southeast University”, in which he shared his research experience since 2014. Professor Lyu Junpeng from the School of Physics delivered his keynote speech titled “Superfast-Micro-nano @SEU”, in which he described his development since he returned last year.

After the main forum, relevant colleges and departments invited corresponding young talents to hold sub-forums, conduct academic reports and visit the laboratory. During the forum, overseas young scholars also visited the affiliated kindergarten, the apartments specially approved for the talents, the wireless valley and partial laboratories at Jiulonghu campus.

It is reported that young scholars participating in this forum have studied or worked in 17 countries including UK, the United States, Germany and Australia, etc.. Among others, 79 of them once studied at the top 100 universities in the world such as Oxford, Cambridge and MIT, etc.. The forum lasted for 3 days, including one main forum and 23 sub-forums, aiming at establishing an academic exchange stage to attract more talents and accelerate the construction pace of a “double first-class” university. 



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