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Southeast University Released “Top 10 Science and Technology Issues”

Date: December 30, 2018


In the afternoon of December 27, the press conference of “Top 10 Science and Technology Issues of Southeast University” was convened at Jiulonghu Hotel of Southeast University. Zhang Guangjun, President of Southeast University, Ren Lijian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice President Wu Gang, Vice President Zhou Youyong, principals from CPC Publicity Department, Scientific Research Institutes and Colleges, proposers or representatives of top ten issues attended the press conference.



Journalists from more than ten media including Xinhua News Agency, the China Media Group, China Youth Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Xinhua Daily and Jiangsu TV, etc. attended the conference. The conference was presided over by Ren Lijian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Southeast University.

Vice President Wu Gang, on behalf of the school, released the “Top Ten Science and Technology Issues of Southeast University” to the society, specifically speaking, digital “human cloning” (proposed by: Professor Gu Zhongze), preliminary research on 6G mobile communication (proposed by: Professor You Xiaohu and Professor Hong Wei), information super material (proposed by: Professor Cui Tiejun), molecular ferroelectric materials (proposed by: Professor Xiong Rengen), internet population intelligence (proposed by: Professor Cao Jinde), digitalized urban design (proposed by: Academician Wang Jianguo), ultra-high energy efficiency design of high-end chips (proposed by: Professor Shi Longxing), accurate construction of 2D materials (proposed by: Professor Sun Litao), intelligent control of integrated energy system (proposed by: Professor Shen Jiong and Professor Zhao Jianfeng), legal big data (proposed by: Zhou Youyong).



It took almost one year to collect and screen such “Top 10 Science and Technology Issues” of Southeast University. Besides, this selection intended to obtain a number of original and major scientific breakthroughs upon funding and cultivation of such “Top Ten” issues so as to promote the scientific research level of Southeast University to a new level, fully assist the school’s “double first-class” construction, create more first-class scientific and technological achievements belonging to Southeast University and China in an intelligent manner.



       It is reported that Southeast University will invest no less than 50 million start-up funds in these “Top 10 Science and Technology Issues of Southeast University” in the subsequent three years. The school will give priority to the above ten issues in terms of “double-class” funding, talent introduction, scientific research platform and discipline construction, etc.. At the same time, the school will grant indicator priority to these projects in terms of employment of full-time researchers, etc.. In terms of assessment, the issue-proposing team will not be assessed only by means of thesis. The school expects to cultivate leading technologies focusing on internationally cutting-edge science that could support national and local development by supporting the professors’ “high-grade, precise and advanced” researches so as to further plan and undertake national major scientific and technological projects.



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