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Taiwan Minorities Took A Study Trip in SMU

Date: September 30, 2017

SMU News, Aug 4 On the morning of August 2nd, Taiwan minority group for cultural exchange of 20 people headed by Gen Zhiyou had a visit to our university and took academic exchanges with SMU experts. Also presented the visit were Chen Jie, a standing committee of CPPCC National Committee and Vice-Chairman of All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, and Liu Qi, a standing committee of the CPPCC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Chairman of Sichuan Federation of Taiwan Compatriots. And President Zeng Ming, Vice-President Ding Keyi and other relative professors from School of Economics, Institute of Southwest Minority Research, and School of Tourism, History, and Culture attended the meeting hosted by Ding Keyi.

President Zeng extended warm welcome to Gen Zhiyou, Chen Jie and other guests and introduced our exchanges with Taiwan colleges in the past years. He sincerely hopes we both sides can probe into researches of minority economy and culture, thus making contributions to the well-being of cross-Straits minority compatriots.

Chen Jie mentioned that the exchange aimed to further promote the understanding and identity for both sides of the Straits. Furthermore, minority scholars in both Taiwan colleges and SMU can meet each other’s lack and make more cooperation in the area of minority economy and culture.

Gen Zhiyou provided information about the group members and introduced their purpose of this tour.

SMU scholars Zheng Changde, Yang Zhengwen, Tao Siwen, Xue Ximing, and Taiwan scholars Huang Dongqiu, Yimao Sumy, Wang Jinfa, Wang Guishi, Guo Dongxiong, and Cai Zhonghan delivered a speech on such themes as the economic development of minority groups, theories and policies, tourism development, cultural industry and health. They also took further discussions about these themes.

During their tour to SMU, Taiwan minority group for cultural exchange visited the National Museum on Wuhou Campus and have a better knowledge of minority culture in the mainland.




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