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The “Research Center of Overseas-collected Chinese History” of Southeast University Was Unveiled

Date: June 10, 2019


In the morning of June 6, the Celebration Ceremony of Southeast University’s 117th Anniversary was convened at Jiaotingbiao Hall, Jiulonghu Campus, Southeast University. All leaders on campus, former leaders, Mr. Xu Shaochun, excellent alumnus of Southeast University, the founder of Kingdee international software group, Chairman of the board of directors and CEO of the company, principals of the alumni associations at various places, representatives of the enterprises who have set scholarships or subsidies, principals in charge of various departments, divisions and offices, the party and political leaders of all schools and departments, representatives of various democratic parties, overseas Chinese associations, teachers and students attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zuo Wei, Secretary of the school’s Party committee.



At the ceremony, Zuo Wei, on behalf of the school’s Party and political institutions, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the leaders of all levels who have been always caring about and supporting the development of Southeast University, friends from all walks of life and alumni both at home and abroad. He also expressed his warm welcome to all guests and alumni who attended the ceremony, and the festive greetings to all teachers and students.



President Zhang Guangjun delivered a celebration report titled “To Undertake the Mission of the Times Bravely and Realize the Dream of Constructing the First-class University. Meanwhile, he also extended festive greetings and sincere gratitude to all teachers and students, retired leaders and comrades, alumni both at home and abroad, and friends from all walks of life. He briefly reviewed the history of struggling made by people from Southeast University in the past 117 years, especially in the early days of the founding of the school, the beginning of the new China and the tide of reform and opening up; in addition, he also summed up the main achievements made in the past year, especially the persistence in socialism as the direction of school running, the continuously deepened reform in an overall manner through reshaping the goals, deepening the reform, stimulating the vitality and leading the development so as to accelerate and upgrade the connotations of constructing a “double first-class” university. In addition, the university has also achieved new breakthroughs in promoting the talent cultivating, the faculty team construction, scientific researches, discipline construction and international cooperation, etc..



Zhang Guangjun pointed out that it would represent higher honor, heavier responsibility and more arduous work to accelerate the “double first-class” construction and realize the connotative development of higher educations in the new era. In particular, we must be aware of many bottlenecks, new domestic and international situations and tasks that the school’s confronted with in the course of its reform and development. Zhang Guangjun emphasized that 2019 would witness the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. It should be the key year for establishing a completely well-off society, the starting year of studying and implementing the spirit expressed by the National Education Conference, and also the important year for the school to deepened its comprehensive reform and accelerate the realization of its “1-10-100” dream. The school would continue to advance its work from three perspectives: firstly, to persist in the fundamental task of morality establishment and talent cultivation so as to unceasingly open up new realms for the cultivation of leading talents; secondly, to continue the strategy implementation of“strengthening the school by talents” so as to continuously construct a new highland of first-class talents; thirdly, to reinforce the organization and management of scientific researches so as to constantly promote new breakthroughs in technological innovation.



Zhang Guangjun finally indicated that it would be duty-bound and honorable for Southeast University in the journey of building a strong socialist modernized country and realizing Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation. It is hoped that all teachers, students and friends from all walks of life could join hands with all alumni in the society to pursue Southeast University’s “1-10-100” aspiration together, accelerate the “double first-class” construction and the connotative development, strive to forge ahead for the peaceful rise of the country in the new era, the great rejuvenation of the nation, the sustainable development of mankind, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China with outstanding achievements.

At the ceremony, Mr. Xu Shaochun delivered a speech as the alumni representative. Prof. Yang Jun, as the teachers’ representative from the School of Automation and the youth top-notch personnel involved in the fourth batch of national “10,000 Talents Program”, student Yu Lugang, as the students’ representative from the School of Civil Engineering also addressed the ceremony respectively.

Southeast University Scholarship & Subsidy Awarding Ceremony was also held at the celebration ceremony. Statistics showed that the school’s Education Foundation has evaluated 186 award-winning projects in the 2018-2019 academic year and awarded 3,990 teachers and students, with a total amount up to RMB 15.51 million yuan.



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