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The 17th Vision Youth Awards: Witnessing the Summer of Films

Date: June 21, 2019

The 17th Vision Youth Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday, June 6 at Communication University of China(CUC).

The ceremony was jointly held by CUC Television School, the Vision Youth Awards Organizing Committee, Hai Xia Xi An Cultural Media Co., Ltd and Beijing Lan Mei Tailor Made Culture Co.


Professor He Suliu(R), director of China Documentary Research Center and Vice Director of Television School is present at the ceremony.


The Vision Youth Awards is an original student film festival insisting on the "social vision" and "youth perspective" as the selection criteria. In order to be better responsible for cultivating a new generation of writers and artists and provide them with a good environment to grow, the awards collected outstanding video works by university students worldwide and builds a professional and high-quality communication platform for young people. The 17th Vision Youth Awards collected 533 films in total from all over the world, among which 128 films were shortlisted and 26 were nominated.

From May 27 to June 6, the Vision Youth Awards “Films Exhibition in a Hundred Schools” was carried out firstly. Nearly 100 schools of 27 provinces, municipalities or Autonomous Regions got involved in the exhibition, presenting excellent works for university teachers and students all over the country.


Thom Palmen having discussion with CUC students at the workshop. (Photo by Department of Photography of Television School)


As the important section of the 17th Vision Youth Awards events, the workshop invited world-renowned directors to share their personal experience and theoretical knowledge of film industry, helping young director to realize the dream. The workshop invited Thom Palmen, an international filmmaker, Michael Toshiyuki Uno, a Hollywood film director to share their experience in the industry and Lei Zhilong, the screenwriter of Chinese film A Cool Fish. They talked to the  students present about the European and Hollywood Film Production System and experience of screenwriting through film screening and analyzing.


Zhang Shaogang(L) and Sha Yi(R) host the 17th Vision Youth Awards Ceremony.


The 17th Vision Youth Awards Ceremony set up 10 awards in total including Best Picture of the Year, Best Cinematography, Best Production, Best Screenwriting, Best Directing, Best High School Picture, Best Documentary (Short Subject), Best Documentary Feature, Best Drama and Honorable Picture of “Wan Da Elite plus Young Film Artist” project. Finally, From Shanghai to Pingyao was awarded the Best Picture of the Year. Zhang Shaogang, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of CUC and actor Sha Yi hosted the ceremony.

 CUC alumna, singer Zhang Zining sings the theme song of Vision Youth Awards.


At the ceremony, singer Tan Weiwei, Li Huizhen, Wang Ziyi, Zhang Zining, Wang Sulong, Zhou Shen and rapper LIL-EM loved by the youth brought fabulous performances and wishes. Professor He Suliu, director of “Wan Da Elite plus Young Film Artist” project Tang Qiu, founder of Hangzhou YOWANT Internet Co., Ltd Xie Rudong, actor Li Dongxue, Chen Ziyou, actress Liu Yase, young singer Yu Menglong, Zhu Xingjie, famous scriptwriter Shi Hang, Olympics champion and actress Liu Xuan were present as awarding guests.


Special guest host Aya, student of Beijing School for the Blind Sun Minghan and volunteer of Ever Shining Cinema Program Zhao Wenyu.


In May 2019, Ever Shining Cinema Program ushered in its first anniversary. Initiated by Television School of CUC, the program intends to create barrier-free films for the visually impaired. The production team has finished making 104 barrier-free films and written narration scripts of over 3 million words. They already held 10 public benefit activities over the country and gave away barrier-free films to 19 blind schools and 68 university libraries and over 1300 people were involved in the screening volunteer work. The ceremony set up a special section and invited host Aya, Director of Beijing Association of the Blind He Chuan, student of Beijing School for the Blind Sun Minghan and volunteer representatives to tell the stories behind the scenes of Ever Shining Cinema.


Famous singer Tan Weiwei sings the song “Living Life Over” to express the sincere wishes of the volunteers.


Founded in 2003, the Vision Youth Awards has developed a lot and become more international over the years. In 2019, it entered Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) for the first time and set up BJIFF Youth Vision Awards Documentary Sector. Many young filmmakers starting from the Vision Youth Awards now show their talent on the stage of the world, winning awards in Beijing College Student Film Festival, International Film Festival Sehsüchte, Tampere Film Festival and other important film competitions. In the future, the Vision Youth will continue to encourage the youth to tell stories of new age and promotes their moving towards the international arena.


Medalists of the 17th Vision Youth Awards:


Best Picture of the Year:"From Shanghai to Pingyao," Wang Jing, Xiao Weiting from Tsinghua University, Chen Ying from Beijing Foreign Studies University


Best Cinematography: "The Death of Marat," Shi Zhidong from Beijing Film Academy


Best Production: "Lost on the Branch,"Wang Bolun from Beijing Film Academy, Zhou Tianyi from Communication University of China


Best Screenwriting:"The Fragrans Alley," Duan Zhiyi from Communication University of China


Best Directing:"Jasmine, "Zhong Xinxuan from Art Center College of Design


Best High School Picture:"Wild Grass, " Zhao Weixian from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China


Best Documentary (Short Subject):"My Grandpa’s Walking Marriage,"Huang Yu from Communication University of China


Best Documentary Feature:"Heaven Can Wait, "Huang Jingkun, Wen Chenghao from Communication University of China


Best Drama:"A Thief Died, " Chen Mingwang from The Central Academy of Drama


Honorable Picture of “Wan Da Elite plus Young Film Artist” Project: "In the Middle of Blue, " Qi Ji from Beijing Film Academy



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