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The 2nd CUPLers' Marathon & the 67th CUPL Anniversary Celebration Run was Held

Date: May 11, 2019

In the morning of May 11, the 2nd CUPLers’ Marathon and “My Youth CUPL” 67th CUPL Anniversary Celebration Run was held at the Changping Campus Stadium of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). Zhu Ying, Deputy Inspector of the Youth Sports Department of the General Administration of Sport of China, Fan Zemin, Researcher of the Department of Sports Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education, Hu Ming, Council Chair of CUPL, Huang Jin, President of CUPL, Ge Xiaosong, Member of CUPL Council and Manager, Chairman of Huaxing Holdings Group, and the main sponsor of the event, Dai Zhiyong, Member of CUPL Council and Director of Beijing Lianggao Law Firm, Feng ShiyongVice President and Director of CUPL Sports Committee, Gang Wenzhe, CUPL Council Vice-Chair and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Ma Huaide, Vice President of CUPL, Chang Baoguo, CUPL Council Vice-Chair and Vice-President,  Li Xiuyun, Vice President of CUPL,  Ma Laike, CUPL alumnus and Vice President of Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court, Zhou Pengcheng, CUPL alumnus and staff of the Lhasa Military Procuratorate, Zhao Wensheng, CUPL alumnus and Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Attorney General of Xicheng Procuratorate, Li Yan, President of the Affiliated School of CUPL, and members of CUPL Sports Committee, attended the event.




In early summer, the breeze was fresh and gentle. The opening ceremony began with the solemn national anthem. President Huang Jin made an opening speech. On behalf of the school, he first extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and alumni, and expressed his sincere gratitude to the athletes, staff and volunteers who worked hard for the event. He said that these activities, including the 2nd CUPLers’ Marathon, "My Youth CUPL" 67th Anniversary Celebration Run and "My Motherland and I" flash mob events, were of extraordinary significance. Through these three activities, students, alumni and faculty of CUPL would express their love for sports and the pursuit of health. In addition to welcoming the 67th anniversary of CUPL, we also celebrated the upcoming 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. He expressed his sincere thanks to Huaxing Holding Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Lianggao Law Firm, Beijing Zhixing Smart Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiadele for their support.

After that, the children of the affiliated schools of CUPL sang the classic song, My motherland and I. The ethnic minority students dressed in their ethnic costumes rushed from the rostrum to the center of the athletic track and expressed a deep affection for the motherland with their dance.




At 9:30 am, Council Chair Hu Ming and President Huang Jin fired the signal for the 2nd CUPLers’ Marathon and the "My Youth CUPL" 67th Anniversary Celebration Run. The contestants of the two competitions rushed out of the starting line carrying with them the good wishes for the 67th anniversary of CUPL.

It is reported that the CUPLers’ Marathon is presented in the form of a four-part marathon. The total journey is about 10 kilometers. The athletes are composed of college students, faculty and alumni. The route of the "My Youth CUPL" 67th Anniversary Celebration Marathon runs 4 times around the campus according to the designation, and the whole journey is about 6.5 kilometers, in which only the college students participated. This year, for the first time, CUPL has merged the two events of CUPLers’ Marathon and “My Youth CUPL” Celebration Run, which combines the elements of celebration and sports health, attracting nearly 1,200 teachers, students and alumni. Among them, 320 were teachers, students and alumni signed up for the CUPLers’ Marathon and more than 800 students signed up for the Celebration Run.



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