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The 38th Xinjiang Public Administration Cadres Training Class Was Held in DUT

Date: December 7, 2014

On the morning of October 21, the 38th Xinjiang Public Administration Cadres Training Class held its opening ceremony, hosted by Tian Xiaoming, in Room 610 of Wenke Building. Professor Li Cheng’en attended the ceremony and delivered a speech to encourage trainees to study hard and make greater contribution to the great-leap-forward development of Xinjiang. Professor Yang Liansheng also attended the opening ceremony.

During the ceremony, leaders of DUT and the faculty wore four trainees with the school budget of DUT, symbolizing all of the forty trainees had formally become members of DUT.

Li Cheng’en expressed his welcome to all the trainees on behalf of the university and briefly introduced the history and current development situation of DUT. Also, he recalled the reunion with former trainees when he visited Xinjiang, where he felt delighted to see the great change of Xinjiang. Besides, he stressed the importance of training for cadres from Xinjiang and hoped the trainees could adapt to daily studies and perform well in both work and study.

Professor Hong Xiaonan, minister of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences made a brief introduction about the faculty and planning of the training class.

Chen Bin, as a representative of all the trainees, said that they would study hard and transform their roles from cadres to trainees as quickly as possible.

Xinjiang Public Administration Cadres Training Class has begun in 1990, already held 37 classes and trained 1780 students, making contributions on the construction of cadres group in Xinjiang.



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