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The 4th Faculty and Staff Autumn Walking Festival round Campus

Date: November 28, 2018

In response to the "National Fitness" program, mass sports activities were launched to mobilize the faculty and staff to walk out of the doors, enrich the campus cultural life through these activities, enhance the physical fitness of the faculty and staff, and experience the joy of walking. On the afternoon of November 28th, the school labor union of Dalian University of Foreign Languages held the 4th faculty and staff walking festival round campus .

The faculty and staff set off from the playground, along the outer ring road of the campus, passing the Chengzhi Building ,the main entrance of the school,  the teacher's apartment,  the east gate,  the international cultural exchange center  to reach the hiking destination—— playground. Everyone appreciates the beauty of the campus and experiences the joy of sports. It should be mentioned that this year, the Zhongshan Campus Division has also been invited. The teachers from the International Training College and the Retirement Office also participated in this walking festival.

This activity allows faculty and staff to get close to nature and enjoy the fun of walking. It also enhances the cohesiveness of our faculty and staff, and encourages them to work in a spirit of solidarity, cooperation and perseverance contributing to the development of our school.



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