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The Delegation of Southeast University Visited Institutions of Higher Education in the Republic of Belarus, Hungary and Serbia

Date: June 19, 2019

From June 3 to 12, the delegation of Southeast University composing of principals of the School of Medicine, the Overseas Education College, the President’s Office and the International Cooperation Office, etc. under the leadership of Wang Baoping, Managing Vice President of Southeast University, visited Minsk State Linguistic University in Belarus, Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary and Novi Sad University in Serbia for exchanges. This visit would further promote the cooperation and exchange between Southeast University and the universities of the countries along the “Belt and Road”.



At Minsk, Natalia Baranova, President of Minsk State Linguistic University in Belarus, together with the first Vice-President Debin Ariksey, Vice-President of Teaching Paschevich Ulazemir and principals of the International Office, the English Department and the Chinese Language and Culture Department, etc. received the delegation warmly. At the Council of the Confucius Institute at Minsk State Linguistic University, Wang Baoping put forward five suggestions: firstly, to strengthen the mechanism of mutual exchanges of school leaders, discuss and solve specific cooperation programs and problems; secondly, to strengthen the exchange mechanism between professors and students of both universities so as to guarantee more teachers and students engaged in the exchanges between the two schools; thirdly, Southeast University would provide support and assistance to the Chinese Language and Culture Department of Minsk State Linguistic University, and contribute to the university’s teaching of Chinese; fourthly, to organize the Belarusian culture week at Southeast University so as to enable more Chinese students to understand Belarusian culture; fifthly, to establish a direct contact between the presidents of both universities so as to facilitate discussion on any cooperation. Besides, the Council also discussed the future development direction of the Confucius Institute, reviewed and approved the institute’s final account in 2018 and the budget in 2019, and signed an exchange agreement between the two schools.



At Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary, the delegation met with Dr. Frank Tak, Director of the International Division of Eotvos Lorand University, Professor Christine Carolly, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Ye Qiuyue, Director of the “Belt and Road” Research Center and Chinese Relations. As founded in 1635, Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary highlights a long history of more than 300 years and is a comprehensive university covering multiple disciplines. The university features strong research capabilities in the fields of artificial intelligence and engineering technology. It has cultivated several Nobel Prize winners and many world-famous scientists. During the talks, Wang Baoping expressed the intention to jointly carry out the “Belt and Road” cooperation, expecting both parties would carry out substantive cooperation in the fields of academic exchanges, student exchanges, etc.. Besides, Managing Vice President Wang welcomed the leaders of the opposing party to visit Southeast University at a convenient time and sign the cooperation memorandum at the right time.




      In Serbia, Dehan Madzic, Vice President in charge of international cooperation at Novi Sad University, led the principals of the School of Engineering and Technology, the College of Biology, the School of Medicine and the International Cooperation Office to meet with the delegation. Wang Baoping suggested that: firstly, the two schools should encourage mutual professors to exchange visits, thus establish a professor cooperation mechanism and conduct cooperative research in the fields of common interest; secondly, the two schools should strengthen student exchanges and mutual visits. At present, there’s one Serbian student studying at Southeast University. Southeast University will provide more scholarships to welcome more Serbian students to study at the University. Meanwhile, it also encourages more Southeast University students to exchange studies at Novi Sad University; thirdly, the International Cooperation Office of the two universities should strengthen contacts, discuss cooperation content together and thus form a memorandum of cooperation as soon as possible.



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