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The Delegation of Southeast University Visited Israel and Greece for Exchanges

Date: February 2, 2019


At the invitation of Israel Institute of Technology and National Technical University of Athens, the delegation led by Wang Baoping, Managing Vice President of Southeast University, visited the two universities from January 20 to 27 to develop and deepen inter-school international cooperation and exchanges. Principals from the Scientific Research Institute, the Asset Operation and Management Office and the International Cooperation Office of Southeast University accompanied during the visit.

During the visit of Israel Institute of Technology, Managing Vice President Wang Baoping talked with Professor Paul Feigin, Vice President of Israel Institute of Technology. During the talks, Managing Vice President Wang Baoping briefly introduced the basic conditions of our school and put forward two suggestions for the future cooperation between the two universities: first, to strengthen the cooperation and exchanges between professors of the two universities, conduct joint researches around core key technologies, and apply for scientific research projects supported by governments of both countries; secondly, to further strengthen the joint cultivation of students, expand the scale and subject of exchange between students of both parties, and jointly cultivate excellent talents who can master multiple languages and highlight an international field of vision. Professor Paul Feigin highly applauded the suggestions proposed by Managing Vice President Wang Baoping and expressed his expectation for further deepening cooperation in the future.



Both parties afterwards signed a student exchange agreement and renewed the memorandum of cooperation. After the meeting, the delegation also talked with representatives from Israel Institute of Technology’s Brotica Entrepreneurship Center and Technion Technology Transfer to learn more about the student entrepreneurship program and the development of student entrepreneurship at Israeli Institute of Technology; besides, both parties also conducted in-depth discussion about the incubation of scientific and technological achievements and commercial operation mode at the university, which may play a positive role of reference in relevant affairs to be carried out by Southeast University.



During his visit to Athens, Ioannis Golias, President of National Technical University of Athens, Vice President Marinos Kavouras and Nikos Lagaros, Dean of the School of Civil Engineering, received the delegation and exchanged ideas together. Wang Baoping, Managing Vice President, first expressed his gratitude to President Ioannis Golias for his hospitality and thenbriefly introduced the history and development of Southeast University. He proposed three suggestions for future cooperation between the two universities: firstly, to carry out cooperation in various forms in the areas of common interest based on dominant disciplines of both parties, which may gradually expand to more disciplines; secondly, to encourage and promote exchanges, develop academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation between professors so as to make contributions to upgrading academic reputation and international influences of both universities; thirdly, to promote the exchange of students and develop joint cultivation projects between the two schools through short-term or long-term exchange programs. President Ioannis Golias highly appreciated Managing Vice President Wang Baoping for his suggestions and positive response. He sincerely expressed his willingness to establish cooperation with Southeast University and continuously promote pragmatic cooperation in the field of scientific research, teacher and student exchanges so that the cooperation between both parties can truly benefit the teachers and students of the two schools.



During the visit to Greece, Managing Vice President Wang Baoping and members of the delegation also visited Chinese Embassy in Greece. Chinese Ambassador in Greece Zhang Qiyue met with the delegation. Ambassador Zhang Qiyue said that all Greek universities highly emphasized and strongly expected to cooperate with Chinese universities. Moreover, they greatly welcome domestic first-class universities such as Southeast University to visit Greece for exchanges and carry out pragmatic cooperation with local universities. It will be with great pleasure for the embassy to provide assistances for the exchange and cooperation between universities and colleges of both parties. 



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