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The Fifth Convention of Presidents of Union of Excellent Universities Was Held

Date: January 16, 2015

On November 28th, the fifth convention of presidents of Excellent Universities Union was held in Beijing Institute of Technology, the rotating university. Hu Haiyang, president of Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhou Xuhong, president of Chongqing University, Li Zhiyi, vice president of Dalian University of Technology, Liu Bo, vice president of Southeast University, Xu Dianguo, vice president of Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhu Min, vice president of South China University of Technology, Li Jiajun, president of Tianjin University, Pei Gang, president of Tongji University and Wang Jingsong, president of Northwestern Polytechnical University all attended the meeting, which was hosted by Zhao Ping, vice president of Beijing Institute of Technology.




Hu Haiyan, president of Beijing Institute of Technology addressed his speech beginning with his warm welcome to all the universities. Also, he stressed that it was of great importance to hold this convention in the context of comprehensive reformation of higher education. He hoped that all the nine universities could deepen their cooperation and reach win-win situation.

Zhou Xuhong, president ofChongqing University, made a summary on behalf of Excellent Universities Union. He pointed out that during 2013- 2014, theUniondid a lot of innovative works on talents training, international cooperation and reform development, achieving excellent outcomes.




What’s more, all the nine universities introduced their present works and put forward future working plans. Liang Yin, director of Enrollment and Career Placement Office of DUT, made the report on enrollment and career placement works of DUT.




The convention elected South China University of Technology as next rotating university and passed the 2015 Working Plan of Excellent Universities Union. 2014 Beijing Declaration of Excellent Universities Union was also made during the convention.



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