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The First Exhibition of Majors at Shanghai University

Date: March 24, 2019

On March 24th, in order to provide students with a better knowledge of the different majors offered by Shanghai University, the SHU Admissions Office and Academic Affairs Office worked together to host Shanghai University’s  first Exhibition of Majors at the SHU Gym. Prof. Nie Qing, Vice President of SHU, Peng Zhangyou, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Lu Yi, Director of the Admissions Office, Wang Jiang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Prof. Xu Shuo, Deputy Director of the School of Engineering, leaders from 19 different SHU colleges, and nearly 3,000 teachers and freshman students participated in the event. Before the opening ceremony, Professor Lu Xionggang, Vice President of ShanghaiTech University, gave a keynote speech on “Science and Dreams – Becoming an Innovative Talent with International Vision”.


After the introduction, Professor Yin Jingbo, Dean of the Freshman College, introduced the first Exhibition of Majors at Shanghai University. She explained that each major has different opportunities and challenges, and that students should choose a major that combines their personal interests and the needs of the nation.


Next, Prof. Nie Qing and other leaders jointly lit the crystal ball symbolizing the commencement and the success SHU’s first Exhibition of Majors.


The opening ceremony was followed by the exhibition and consultations from various colleges, including the colleges of Science, Literature, Social Science, Library Information and Archives, Economics, Management, Law, Communication, Information Engineering, Computer Engineering, Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automation Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Life Science and Art. Faculty and students from 19 professional colleges and departments, such as Shanghai Film Academy, School of Social Sciences, School of Marxism, Civil Engineering Department, and College of Journalism and Communication prepared introductions of the different majors for the freshmen.


All the students of the Freshman College visited booths with the help of different counsellors. They asked the counsellors a variety of questions about the majors. Through this Exhibition of Majors, different colleges and schools at SHU were able to inform the students about the different characteristics and interesting points of each major, so as to help them make better decisions when choosing their majors.


The Exhibition of Majors will continue from March 21 to early April 2019.


During the preparatory process of the Exhibition of Majors, the Freshman College visited other colleges and departments in order to inform them of what exactly the exhibition would entail, and what was required from them.


Everything about the event was educational and interesting. For example, the delegates of the School of Economics gave the student a tour around the financial database laboratory. Students were also brought to the Social Research Center to experience questionnaire entry and telephone surveys. The researchers from the School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation led the freshman into the Robot Manufacturing and Innovation Laboratory, as well as into the laboratory at the Unmanned Boat Research Institute. Professors of the Institute of Mechanics of Science showed students how to test the residual stress of toughened glass by means of light mechanics. Altogether more than 5000 students made 37 visits to 19 colleges during the two-day long Open Major Day. Through on-site visits, interactive experiences and exchanges of advices, the students were able to receive a deeper understanding of the majors they have to choose from.


With the opening of the first Exhibition of Majors at Shanghai University, freshmen now have even more opportunities to learn about the different majors at SHU.



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