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The Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of SMU in 2019

Date: June 28, 2018

SMU News, June. 20 Today, the 2019 graduation ceremony and degree award ceremony of SUM was held at Gymnasium in Wuhou Campus. The graduates, including 915 graduate students and 5790 undergraduates, gathered in degrees robes and ushered in the most unforgettable moments of their lives under the joint witness of teachers, relatives and friends.


Ceremony scene


SUM leaders: Yang Min, Liu Yubin, Wang Yongzheng, En Jia, Zhang Mingshan, Wang Wei, Bao Lina, the main responsible persons of the party and government of each college, responsible persons in charge of student work, graduating class counselors, graduate class teachers, teacher representatives, heads of relevant functional departments, parents' representatives, teachers and students from continuing education sites in ethnic minority areas and all 2019 graduates attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Yongzheng, a member of the standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SUM.

Cicadas sing when they leave in the middle of summer. Before the ceremony officially began, graduation theme songs and videos were scrolled on the large screen. From ignorance to growth, from youth to maturity, one by one photos, a section of images record the 2019 students in the campus of SUM bit by bit. Graduates watch attentively, recognize familiar partners, relive unforgettable memories left on campus, and start a new journey in life.


Liu Yubin, president of SUM, sent a message


In the warm applause, Liu Yubin, president of SUM, delivered a speech entitled "growth has no end".

Liu Yubin extended warm congratulations to the graduates and their families at first, and expressed heartfelt thanks and high respect to the teachers who carefully guided them. Liu Yubin, teachers and students reviewed the four years of common growth with Minda: they witnessed the growing footprint of the university together, adding two first-tier discipline doctoral programs, seven first-tier discipline master's degree programs and two professional degree authorization points; successfully accepting the undergraduate teaching examination and evaluation of the Ministry of Education; winning the title of "National civilized Campus"; and the completion of the tunnel under the Minda Road. Liu Yubin sighed affectionately: you went all the way, continued to write wonderful growth stories, and were destined to become a brilliant page in the "Story Collection" of SMU; you went all the way and sang and walked along the way, leaving an unforgettable mark on your growth and becoming a color in life that will never fade.

Liu Yubin sent to the graduates that this is not only an era of rapid change, but also an era full of challenges, risks, struggles and opportunities. He gave the word "sustained growth" to graduates: there is no end to growth, although the end of college life, but the growth of the course can not stop, you must continue to study, accompanied by a lifetime.

Liu Yubin told the graduates that growth means continuous struggle after a clear goal. As long as you recognize the goal, you should continue to work hard. Don't flinch because you can't see the results for the time being. One day, "persistence" will certainly make you turn against the wind and turn around. Growth means that after carrying the burden of responsibility, only by shouldering the responsibility to the society, to the cause, to the times, can we realize the same frequency resonance between personal value and social value to the maximum extent. Growth means that after the wind and rain, the initial heart is still the same, there is no shortcut to growth, and the process of mental maturity is still longer after the wind and rain to maintain the initial heart, to hold the bottom line, to guard the conscience, to live bravely into what you like.

Liu Yubin sincerely wishes the graduates, the stars in front of the sea, the mountains and rivers are far away. He hopes everyone will not change, the future can be expected, do their best, fearless to move forward! No matter how far the students go, the alma mater will always be here overlooking you and worrying about you.

At the ceremony, Wang Yong, vice president and vice chairman of the academic degree Evaluation Committee, read out the decision of Southwest Minzu University to award the 2019 postgraduate doctorate and master's degree. Zhang Minshan, vice president and vice chairman of the academic degree Evaluation Committee, read out the decision of Southwest Minzu University to award the 2019 undergraduate bachelor's degree and double bachelor's degree. En Jia, vice president, read out the results of the 2019 Sichuan excellent University graduates selection.


Degree award ceremony


Yang Min, secretary of SUM's party committee, Wang Wei, secretary of the discipline Inspection Commission, and Bao Lina, chief accountant, issued the commemorative certificates and "2019 graduates spokesman" letter of appointment to Huang Huicai alumni, graduates representative Zhao Ziqiang, and Zhao Nanyu. At the degree award ceremony, the university leaders and the chairman of the school degree evaluation sub-committee award the degree to the doctoral degree winners, master degree winners and bachelor degree winners.


Statements by representatives of alumni and teachers


Our alumni representative, Huang Huicai, Guangdong Province "Pearl River Talent Project" young top talent, 2003 pharmaceutical engineering graduate, affectionately thanked his alma mater for his hard work, the hard work of his teacher, encouraged his brothers and sisters not to forget their original ideals and aspirations, and worked tirelessly to serve the society and give back what they learned from their alma mater. De Jicao, a famous teaching teacher of the National Civil Affairs Commission, spoke as a representative of the teacher. She encouraged her classmates to move forward with kindness, be grateful to their peers, and not forget their original ideals and aspirations with three words: "regard kindness as the root of life", "regard gratitude as the setting of heart", "think of yourself as a true person", and encourage students to move forward with kindness, be grateful to their peers, and do not forget their original ideals and aspirations.


Statements by representatives of graduates


Zhao Nanyu, a Grade 2015 student of the School of Literature and Journalism and Communication, delivered a graduation speech on behalf of all undergraduate graduates. She said: today we bid farewell to our alma mater and go far away with the spirit of Minda. We will certainly be like the Gesang flowers on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, blooming youth and growing tenaciously. Zhao Ziqiang, a Grade 2016 student of the School of Foreign languages, spoke on behalf of all the master's degree graduates. He affectionately reviewed the three years of studying at Minda, called on the graduates to carry the clarity and tenacity of a member of the National University, adhere to the faith in justice and the pursuit of freedom, and start a new journey with strong and optimistic spirit.

The ceremony specially invited librarians, archivists, medical staff, school bus masters, canteen masters, dormitory aunts, cleaning aunts and security uncle representatives who were familiar with the students to witness the harvest time of the 2019 graduates and to send off the students of Minda to embark on a new journey in their lives.

"Growing up is a subject that we need to practice all our lives, and the new future is slowly opening up to you." After the ceremony, graduates came to the graduation signature wall and school memorial sculpture to sign, take group photos, to express the students’ affectionate love to Minda.



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