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The Party Committee Core Team Members Learn the Fourth Plenary Session Spirit

Date: December 7, 2014

12th November – in order to implement the fourth plenary session spirit, the party committee core team held a learning meeting of it on the afternoon of 12th November, during which Prof. Wang Yukai from national school of administration paraphrased the spirit in detail.




The party committee core team members, university leaders, cadres above deputy department director level, student affair department and graduate student affair of the party committee, the whole staffs from league committee, student counselors, the second level party committee organizer, and teachers fromCollegeofMarxismattended the meeting. Wei Xiaopeng, the secretary of the party committee deployed the framework of the learning meeting. The meeting was host by Li Chengen, vice secretary of the party committee, and the secretary of discipline inspection commission.

During the meeting, Wang carefully paraphrased the spirit and gave a report entitled “the commission of Xi Jinping and the rule by law”, which summarized the commission of Xi and the 2.0 version of “the rule by law”, and was very helpful for the staffs and students to understand the spirit thoroughly.

Wei stressed that in the near future, it should be a significant political mission to unite together and implement the spirit in every field of university affairs. We should not only learn and broadcast the spirit but also apply it to the ideological and political theory course through various approaches such as campus newspaper, bulletin board and network. Wei thought the practical works include talent education, system perfection.

In the rest two months every department should unite the spirit and action on the basis on the fourth plenary session spirit to finish planned target fully.

Li made a summarization of the meeting that the whole university should deeply understand the significance of the spirit and place it on the first level of political study. Furthermore, the study of the spirit would help us to make more contributions to the development of DUT.



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