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The School Workers' Union Held the Seventh Session of Teachers' Congress Work Proposals Review Meeting

Date: October 16, 2018

On October 15, the school Workers' Union held the first meeting of the Seventh Congress proposal review meeting to discuss the work related to the review of the 2018 proposal and the selection of outstanding proposals.




At the meeting, Liu Jianwu, vice-chairman of the school Workers' Union and vice-chairman of the Executive Committee of the Education Congress, introduced to the members of the meeting the importance attached by the school to the implementation of the proposal, the relevant requirements for carrying out the review of the proposal, and the expectations of the faculty and staff for the implementation of the proposal. He hoped that the members of the new proposal working committee would conscientiously perform their duties and carry out the work in a down-to-earth manner. We should implement the work of the proposal, actively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of teachers and staff, and constantly push forward the reform and development of schools.



Staff members of the school Workers' Union informed the members of the meeting of the proposal solicitation in 2018, the proposal processing process and the problems and suggestions in the proposal processing. Members of the Working Committee on Proposals of the Seventh Congress studied the working rules on proposals and discussed 116 proposals and suggestions collected in 2018 in groups. After careful discussion and study, the Proposal Committee handled and merged 24 proposals of the same or similar content, cancelled 12 proposals that had been implemented or did not meet the requirements of filing, and finally 44 proposals were finally filed and 36 proposals were recommended. After careful selection, Ding Guosheng, Academy of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, was awarded the Best Proposal Award for "Proposals for Scientific and Systematic Planning of Campus Vehicle Management to Solve the Problem of Driving and Parking in Campus"; Li Kun, School of Economics and Business Administration, was awarded the "Excellent Proposer Award"; and the Retirement Office was awarded the advanced unit in the proposal implementation of the sixth TeachersCongress.    

After the meeting, the Union will coordinate and urge the relevant functional departments to implement the relevant proposals and suggestions, organize face-to-face exchanges between the functional departments and the proposal representatives, and give timely feedback to the representatives of the teaching Congress and the general staff on the implementation of the proposals.



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